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Jun 27, 2012 08:14 AM

Costco coffee

I enjoy Costco's Columbian Supremo coffee. I was wondering if anyone has any comments on their other types of coffee. I like my coffee strong, full of flavor, but not bitter.

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  1. The Sumatra in their Seattle Mountain line is very good.

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    1. I'm drinking the Rwandan (whole bean) right now, and enjoying it.

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        I enjoyed the Rwandan (and Sumatran) also. Problem is, when I went back to get another bag, it was GONE. An employee explained it was a seasonal product. And to check back 'this time next year'. So if you like a particular coffee, get it while it's there.

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          I think the Rwandan is the bag I hated. I actually had to cut it with milk.

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            AFAIK the Rwandan is not seasonal. I've been using it for months now which spans 3 seasons so I highly doubt it.

            All in all it's really good. Not really the best I've had but a good bang for the buck when Starbucks Casi Cielo isn't in season.


        2. Their decaf roasted by Starbucks, don't flame me, is full bodied and tastes good.

          1. I've been buying their "Green Bag" for years. I believe it's roasted for them by Starbucks. It full bodied and not bitter.

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              I use this one too. Very reasonable and tastes great to me!

            2. Costcos in Nor Cal starting selling Peet's Coffee & Tea's signature Major Dickason's Blend last week. A fab deal for a very enjoyable and smooth deep roast coffee. And by the way very freshly roasted - picked up direct by Costco from Peet's roasting plant in Alameda and delivered to their stores.