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Jun 27, 2012 08:05 AM

One Night Only!

Hi All!
I'm a NYer heading to Chicago for the first time...but only for ONE dinner!!! My problem is this is a last minute trip, and I first land at 8, so I'm not going to want to eat a heavy meal.
If you had to choose 1 place that someone MUST try where would you send them? I'll be staying downtown.
I only plan on getting an entree given it will be so late, so I'd prefer to keep the total under $50 including tip and a glass of wine.
Thanks for your help!!

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  1. I think the sticking point would be that you're looking at kind of a late arrival and most places I'd love to suggest probably won't be serving dinner so late.

    One exception is the Purple Pig. They don't take reservations which means they can get slammed at prime hours. But if you're getting there later in the evening, it should be easier to get a spot at the bar. Lots of great, Mediterranean plates available -- you might find yourself order 2-3 small plates but that still won't blow your budget.

    I also love avec. Another small plates concept with some strong Mediterranean influences, many/all dishes can be ordered in half-portions even if the menu doesn't say as much -- just be sure to ask your server. Barstools can be a little uncomfortable, but I think the food makes it worth the potential discomfort.

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        Good call. And you won't have much of a wait.

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          I went with Avec! It was perfect. Thanks for the rec!