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Jun 27, 2012 07:27 AM

takeout for a crowd in santa fe

Looking for an easy way to put together a meal for about 20 people in Santa Fe for one meal. No vegetarians or vegans in the group. We will all be staying in condos so we have basic kitchens. It will be a traveling day for most of us, so thinking of sandwich.wrap trays, or salad & pizza, barbeque,, but would love to have some more interesting ideas. Any suggestions for good takeout food and inexpensive places for takeout are appreciated.

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  1. Pizza Centro is outstanding. It's expensive-ish for NY-style pizza ($16 for an XL cheese), but this is due to the top-notch ingredients. Nice salads too.

    Bumblebee does tasty yuppified burritos, tacos, and the like. Posa's is good for this too and a little more traditional NM-style. Plaza Cafe and Los Amigos both do large to-go orders too.

    The Ranch House does excellent takeout BBQ, a holdover from the Josh's BBQ days. Be sure to get stuff with the honey chipotle BBQ sauce, but all of the sauces are quite good. Some people really like Whole Hog BBQ -- I like it fine but I don't think it's anywhere near on par with the Ranch House.

    Jambo Cafe does large order catering, they have fantastic Caribbean and west African food.

    Flying Star is a local NM chain, they do quite tasty sandwich and salad platters.

    1. for some good seafood, Mexican style, try Mariscos LaPlaya. Their home page has some problems, but the menu is visible.

      For platters [deli, salads, fruit, baked goods] try Sunflower Market:

      1. I'll second finlero's recommendation for the Ranch House and add one more idea - Jalapeno's, a taco place in the Albertson's shopping center on St. Francis, has for my money the best selection of taco meats in town (buche, lamb and beef barbacoa, lengua, etc.), and they offer take out packages including meat by the pound with accompanying tortillas, beans, rice, salsas, etc. Similar to Bumblebee but I find the quality of the meats far superior here.

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          Thanks for all of the information and recommendations, all of you have given great options for our group!

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            Mulling it over, here's the plan: pick up fruit, bread (ciabatta rolls perhaps for sliders), green tossed salad ingredients at Sunflower Market,Make pulled pork sliders with bulk pulled pork and green chile slaw from the Ranch House with the much anticipated honey chipotle BBQ sauce, and several pizzas, to have something for everyone. Looking forward to great time in Santa Fe, thanks for your informed input!

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              Sounds like a great way to go. Make sure you have lots of drinks on hand - it's HOTTTT