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Jun 27, 2012 05:37 AM

What are the decent Chinese places in Staten Island?

I find most neighborhood Chinese joints pretty ordinary to poor. But there are many I haven't been to.

Are there any places where the veggies are crisp, the sauces not heavy, the wok hey noticeable, the flavors enticing?

North or East Shore preferred, but I can't be too picky.


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  1. I like Island Garden, and go there frequently for lunch. .. on Bay Street, not far from Fort Wadsworth.. really great noodles, btw, and will make things spicey if you request.

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    1. re: chasamark

      Thanks, I will check it out. I wish there were more.

      There used to be a great place out on Forest Ave. near Decker, I think. It was called Lum Chin. It's long gone.

    2. Do you have access to a car? Grand Sichuan House (86th St & 5h Ave.) in Bay Ridge is terrific.

      1. Empire Schezuan by the Pathmark on Forest is pretty good.