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Jun 27, 2012 12:40 AM

Crumble and Flake

Just curious to know if people have been to Crumble and Flake yet and if so, what are your favorite items? I didn't see any threads on this when I searched -- sorry if this is a duplicate.

I went last week and was able to try the chocolate croissant, the yuzu/raspberry macaron, chocolate, black pepper, and strawberry jam macaron, and the coconut cream puff. The macarons weren't all that spectacular to me, but were still good. I preferred the chocolate black pepper over the yuzu raspberry. I liked the chocolate croissant (but I like all chocolate croissants). The coconut cream puff was by far my favorite out of the items I snagged. There was some crusty sweet stuff baked onto the top of the cream puff and it wasn't too eggy, which is the part I usually don't like about pate a choux. The coconut cream filling was incredible -- rich and light at the same time, and sweet but not overly sweet.

I was disappointed that I didn't get there in time to get the elusive kouign amann. I'll have to wake up earlier next time. Has anyone been able to try it? Is there anywhere else in the Seattle area that makes the kouign amann?

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  1. Honore makes kouign amann and it is killer.

    1. I have not yet gotten up early enough to go myself; the one day I tried (at 9am), they were already sold out/closed. But last week my boyfriend went to get something to take his professors and he picked up a couple of plain croissants for us -- his reasoning being we should start with the basics (I like his reasoning...but had it been me I'd have picked up plain croissants AND, well, pretty much everything else I could get my hands on. Ha!).
      They were very good -- flaky and buttery -- but not as good as Besalu at its best.

      They told him the kouign amann typically sell out in the first 30 min. I had one at Honore once, but it was very late in the day (close to 2pm probably?) and I wasn't all that impressed but am sure that they're probably much better when they're fresher.

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        it's worth going back for the kouign amann. c&f is arguably the best bakery in seattle.

      2. I've had his apricot scone and a fig/olive tapenade roll, both of which were fantastic.

        1. Bakery Nouveau's kouign amann is huge and gooey, a real indulgence. C&F's was small and delicate, about four bites and not really big enough to have a gooey center. I much prefer the indulgence.

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            Bakery Nouveau makes kouign amann?? I've never seen it! Or else, I just get distracted by the beautiful twice-baked almond croissants whenever I'm there... I must look out for the kouign amann the next time I'm down at the Junction. I am looking for an indulgence, for sure.

            1. re: calmossimo

              I was in there this morning and didn't see any, so if you are making a special trip just for kouign amann, maybe call ahead.

          2. The cheddar paprika croissant is amazing. It's not a croissant with cheese in it. The cheddar and paprika are in the dough and it is so intensely savory and delicious. The cream puff is also outstanding. I had it with the coconut cream and it was unlike any other cream puff I've ever had. Delicious. The plain croissant is good but try the cheddar paprika. It's outstanding. The scone wasn't a hit with me. It was good but I like a dryer more crumbly scone.