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Jun 26, 2012 11:19 PM

Roadtrip Houston- New Orleans.

Making the drive from Houston to New Orleans next week for the first time. Any suggestions or places worth stopping along the way? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I just drove that route last week, from Houston to New Orleans. And am getting ready to get into the car and drive it home today.

    I'm not from the area and have never lived there so I wasn't going to respond but, as nobody with more knowledge has offered any better advice, I'll tell you where I stopped and how it went.

    Steamboat Bill's, on the north side of I-10, at Lake Charles.

    It's a big, touristy sort of place, but their billboards claim they've been "Voted #1 for Seafood." Even though the billboard didn't say by whom, I had no more helpful information to choose by, so I pulled in.

    Yep, touristy. But big, noisy, festive and fun. And the food was pretty good, too. Especially the fried catfish, which was my favorite thing on my seafood platter.

    I'm going to be stopping there again on my way home. But this time, I'll skip the "seafood platter," and just get the fried catfish.

    1. I am partial to Harlequin's, just off the Loop after you get off teh bridge in Lake Charles. And some people llike the new Cochon in LAfayette. And there is Cafe Vrmillionville in Lafayette, Pat's in Henderson, Little village in downtown Baton Rouge, also Diguilio's in BR. Parrain's in BR is OK but the place always gives me a headache.

      1. Did this drive last fall and really enjoyed a brief detour (2 miles? at exit 109off I-10) to Breaux Bridge. Had a wonderful cajun meal at Cafe des Amis (140 E Bridge St ). White tablecloth food in what could be described as a honky-tonk. Highly recommended!

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          By all means, a detour to Breaux Bridge is in order. Cafe des Amis is lovely.
          Couchon is so good in NOLA, I am sure the outpost in Lafayette is superb...
          When you are leaving NOLA, take Highway 90, a cooler and ice; stop at the Fish Market @ 100 Westbank Expy, Westwego, LA and pick up some fresh crab and shrimp to cook at home. The market is not much to look at....

        2. Stopped at What-a-Burger but that's beside the point.
          The real question is where to go when in New Orleans.

          My partner and I lucked out and wandered into R'evolution last night without a reservation. The only table open was the Chef’s Dining Room, an intimate room with seating for six, overlooking the restaurant’s main kitchen line, WOW.

          The chef attended us the sommelier paired our courses.

          The table was a 2000 year old cypress dug out of the swamp on tv by the Ax Men. The chef expediting on one side, six seats on the other side pretty nice show.

          We got a taste of the capicola made there as well as a hamachi amuse-bouche w/raspberry, oh my, the charcuterie must be something to behold.

          My partner ordered the Beer-battered Crab Beignets with Four Rémoulades, and a Resling was accompanying. I had the Sizzling Oysters R’evolution With Smoked Bienville Butter. I was told the butter was infused with in house smoked oysters. They were served on a slab of salt and I had a nice rose champagne that paired perfect.

          Partner had Grilled Striped Bass with Caramel Turnips, Braised Chard, Lemon Verbena Broth as his main, once again I didn't get to taste, blast. I had Braised Boneless Short Ribs with Rutabaga-Citrus Purée, Red Wine Sauce. I do a pretty mean short rib myself, this one was great, but the show stopper was the Truffled Mashed Potatoes. Truffles are just in season, the chef grated extra over mine, I just couldn't stop eating them. Well I did because I didn't manager to finish either dish. I was paired with a red French, don't ask me which.

          We thought about desert but just couldn't, which turned out good as they brought out a small jewel box with about 8 different small sweets, which they called something I didn't catch, as a thank you for dinning with them.

          There, that's for Doobiewah.