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Jun 26, 2012 11:03 PM

NEW: Pig & Pie, SF Mission - sausages, banh mi, spiced pecan pie, shaker lemon pie, local beer on tap

Anyone go to the Grand Opening Mon 6/25/12 of Pig & Pie? Menu looks good: sausages - all kinds, banh mi, & 3 kinds of pie: spiced pecan, shaker lemon pie, seasonal. Hope to read some reports soon.

Pig & Pie
2962 24th St at Harrison, SF
M-Th, Sun 11-11
Fri & Sat 11a-1AM


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  1. Didn't think I was a sausage person, but I love simple food made from high-quality ingredients. Here, everything is made in-house. You can even pull up to the side bar to watch some stage of sausages being made, if that's your thing; these guys disprove at least the charcuterie side of the infamous John Godfrey Saxe quote. Scrimshaw Pilsner, Linden St. Burning Oak Black Lager, North Coast Brewery Le Merle Saison, and a very dry cider on tap.

    I tried the Boudin blanc and the Chicago dog. Sausages are presented on fresh locally-made rolls with lots of fresh toppings. The pickled sides looked wonderful.

    Both the shaker lemon and spicy pecan pies, also baked right there, were delicious. Didn't see a seasonal option, but didn't have room.

    I'll be back to try the breakfast sausage and more.

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    1. re: JQinSF

      Did you go to the soft opening (half-price, cash sale) on Sunday?

      2962 24th St
      San Francisco

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Guess that's what it was -- I wandered in. Record store, paper on windows, happy-looking people exiting.

        Almost bought dried sausage to take home and now I wish I had.

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          Serendipity happens! Thanks for posting.

    2. Found out on their FB page they aren't open yet due to getting their operating permits, they'll find out Th 6/28/12.

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        Walked by this afternoon, they cleared final building & health sign-offs so they'll be open tomorrow. They were baking blueberry pie! so I'm definitely stopping by for a slice of that.

        1. Tried the place out(pie only) today at the sunday streets festival. I had a slice of the peach lavendar pie. Filling was nice but the pie crust was really delicious. Next time I'll go for a sausage and a pie.

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          1. re: chezwhitey

            The fried pickled okra is dangerously delicious.

          2. Pig & Pie has been open 2 weeks & I finally made the trip over there. Took Bart to 24th St & walked to the Left to Harrison past Humphry Slocumbe on the Left-hand side. Look for the giant Discolandia Records sign, under that is the sign for Handmade Sausages/Pie. Door says "Pig & Pie"

            Check out the chalkboard menu with prices.

            I asked the girl what is the most popular sausage & she said Banh Mi $8.5 - so I got it. It takes a long while to make for some reason. Banh mi has black pepper, garlic, pork & pork skin sausage, pickled daikon & carrot, jalapeno, cucumber, cilantro, Sriracha & chicken liver pate. I liked it ok. Good crunchy pickle on the side.

            I want to try Chicago Dog $8 or Eggplant Italian $8.5 next time.

            Also, go the seasonal Thyme, brandy, apricot, nectarine $5/slice pie. Thin crust, good amount of fruit, though I did have more crust than crust to the end. It tasted good. If you want ala mode it's extra $2 - suppose to be homemade ice cream. Didn't try it.

            Spiced pecan $5 looked good
            Shaker Lemon $4 - looked good too.

            Arnold Palmer $3; Mint rosewater lemonade $3. Milk $2. They have Draft beer too - not sure cost.

            They have Sparky's Rootbeer Large bottle in the drink case $4 - next time.

            Tap water - help yourself.

            2 Unisex single bathrooms in the back down the hallway.

            Charge it.

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              wow, looks like it needs a bigger bun in your pic. could be just the angle of the shot.