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NEW: Pig & Pie, SF Mission - sausages, banh mi, spiced pecan pie, shaker lemon pie, local beer on tap

Anyone go to the Grand Opening Mon 6/25/12 of Pig & Pie? Menu looks good: sausages - all kinds, banh mi, & 3 kinds of pie: spiced pecan, shaker lemon pie, seasonal. Hope to read some reports soon.

Pig & Pie
2962 24th St at Harrison, SF
M-Th, Sun 11-11
Fri & Sat 11a-1AM


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  1. Didn't think I was a sausage person, but I love simple food made from high-quality ingredients. Here, everything is made in-house. You can even pull up to the side bar to watch some stage of sausages being made, if that's your thing; these guys disprove at least the charcuterie side of the infamous John Godfrey Saxe quote. Scrimshaw Pilsner, Linden St. Burning Oak Black Lager, North Coast Brewery Le Merle Saison, and a very dry cider on tap.

    I tried the Boudin blanc and the Chicago dog. Sausages are presented on fresh locally-made rolls with lots of fresh toppings. The pickled sides looked wonderful.

    Both the shaker lemon and spicy pecan pies, also baked right there, were delicious. Didn't see a seasonal option, but didn't have room.

    I'll be back to try the breakfast sausage and more.

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      Did you go to the soft opening (half-price, cash sale) on Sunday?

      2962 24th St
      San Francisco

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        Guess that's what it was -- I wandered in. Record store, paper on windows, happy-looking people exiting.

        Almost bought dried sausage to take home and now I wish I had.

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          Serendipity happens! Thanks for posting.

    2. Found out on their FB page they aren't open yet due to getting their operating permits, they'll find out Th 6/28/12.

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        Walked by this afternoon, they cleared final building & health sign-offs so they'll be open tomorrow. They were baking blueberry pie! so I'm definitely stopping by for a slice of that.

        1. Tried the place out(pie only) today at the sunday streets festival. I had a slice of the peach lavendar pie. Filling was nice but the pie crust was really delicious. Next time I'll go for a sausage and a pie.

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            The fried pickled okra is dangerously delicious.

          2. Pig & Pie has been open 2 weeks & I finally made the trip over there. Took Bart to 24th St & walked to the Left to Harrison past Humphry Slocumbe on the Left-hand side. Look for the giant Discolandia Records sign, under that is the sign for Handmade Sausages/Pie. Door says "Pig & Pie"

            Check out the chalkboard menu with prices.

            I asked the girl what is the most popular sausage & she said Banh Mi $8.5 - so I got it. It takes a long while to make for some reason. Banh mi has black pepper, garlic, pork & pork skin sausage, pickled daikon & carrot, jalapeno, cucumber, cilantro, Sriracha & chicken liver pate. I liked it ok. Good crunchy pickle on the side.

            I want to try Chicago Dog $8 or Eggplant Italian $8.5 next time.

            Also, go the seasonal Thyme, brandy, apricot, nectarine $5/slice pie. Thin crust, good amount of fruit, though I did have more crust than crust to the end. It tasted good. If you want ala mode it's extra $2 - suppose to be homemade ice cream. Didn't try it.

            Spiced pecan $5 looked good
            Shaker Lemon $4 - looked good too.

            Arnold Palmer $3; Mint rosewater lemonade $3. Milk $2. They have Draft beer too - not sure cost.

            They have Sparky's Rootbeer Large bottle in the drink case $4 - next time.

            Tap water - help yourself.

            2 Unisex single bathrooms in the back down the hallway.

            Charge it.

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              wow, looks like it needs a bigger bun in your pic. could be just the angle of the shot.

            2. For $3.50 they do a braised greens that is fantastic. Tender crisp kale is braised in guanciale, red pepper, garlic, and lemon juice. They provide a generous amount of the housemade guanciale, which incidentally, seems to be one of the few house meats not for sale by the pound.

              1. Had a chance to try it out last weekend, stopping in for coffee and a piece of pie. Coffee was brewed individually but of low grade beans. The spicy pecan pie, $5/slice, appealed in the case, but turned out to be mostly inedible. The bottom crust was raw. Some of the inside custard was quite underbaked and floury.

                I did admire the display of housemade pickles. Might be happy hunting for this month's dish of the month:

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                  Melanie (or anyone else):

                  Did you try the LARDO BURGER or PORCHETTA?

                  Hmm, I was just writing a note to D. BOYK and D. FARRIS about whether "it is just me or are the pies kinda iffy" ... I tried a berry pie and the lemon pie on different occasions and thought the berry was too "seedy" and the lemon was waaay to sweet and the crust wasnt very good. But I was leaving open the 'different strokes for different folks' interpretation rather than 'inedible'.

                  Anyway, I m planning for sure to try the LARDO BURGER ... I hope it isnt inedible/undercooked.

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                    i ate the lardo burger a few weeks ago. you said you hope it isn't "inedible/undercooked." its definitely edible, as i enjoyed it quite a bit, but depending on your preference, it might be undercooked. it was quite rare. a little bit more than i would usually like, but i thought it was delicious. the lardo was not incorporated into the patty, but was thinly sliced on top of it, where it melted, adding an elusive richness.

                    i'm not a burger fiend but i would easily go for this one again. nicely toasted bun, thick patty...and yes, rather unmemorable fries.

                2. my husband liked his savory item - although i can't recall what it was. However, he talks often of their shaker lemon pie. A big big hit with him.

                  1. can't remember which pie i got, but far better than mission pie

                    1. I've now been to Pig and Pie about 5 times. So far all the sausages have been hits. They are a bit mild for some peoples tastes, but I really could taste the freshness. The Boudin Blanc came with a little preserved lemon that really went well with the sausage. Haven't had any specials yet.
                      Pies: The lemon is a bit too crazy. I thought the inclusion of the chunks of peel was kind of fun, but some pieces of pie were too sweet some realllly sour. Very gooey.
                      The pecan pie is super intense. Very rich... took me 2 sittings to eat. I think the undercooked aspect is purposeful... but maybe Melanies was extra-undercooked. Its thick dense gooey pie. I definitely like Chili Pies spiced pecan pie better. This was overly rich and overly sweet, but somehow I kept going back for more.
                      I've had 2 different berry pies. 1 definitely had too many seeds. They like using whole fruit (lemon peel in the lemon pie). The first was a berry pie with a ginger cream on top. That was great. The next had a little chocolate sauce; that was great too. I really like the crusts. They are extra flaky thanks to the lard.

                      The first 2 times they had smoked salt french fries. I loved the salt flavor, but only the top layer of fries retained crispness. Still thought they tasted good but I like my fries crispy, so I probably won't do fries again unless I remember to ask for crispy and they say they can oblige.

                      The last 2 times there, there were 2 guys playing 2 minute timed chess games.

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                        the Shaker style lemon pie, which I've had numerous times as interpreted by my wife who reduces the sugar from the original recipe, is known for slices of lemons including the peel. lemons vary quite a bit in flavour, moisture content, and degree of sour, so part of the pies' charm is how different each pie or each slice can be. the baker would have to comprehensively taste and select all of the fruit if uniformity was a priority.

                      2. Turmoil at Pig & Pie: http://sf.eater.com/archives/2012/09/...

                        Can't say I'm surprised. My one visit there was underwhelming - not interesting enough to cause me to return and not bad enough to move me to write a critique. Maybe this shake-up will be good in the long run.

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                          Liked my Bahn Mi Sausage when I ate there in July -- but at $8 it did not seem like great value for money.

                        2. Last week Mom and I dropped in for lunch after discovering that Wise deli is closed on tuesdays.

                          Mom had the tongue plate, $8. Four thick slabs of braised beef tongue browned served with salsa verde and sweet golden beets flecked with slices of garlic. She was happy with her food and especially for the price. This was just the right amount on the plate for her.

                          For me, the buttermilk chicken bits, $8. More than "bits", a serving was four fat fingers of chicken, both white and dark, in a crackly golden crust. Very juicy and flavorful, this did not need the dipping sauce though I did add a dot of sriracha from the squeeze bottles on the table. Good thing, as I did not like combining the chicken with the blue cheese dipping sauce. The other choice was barbecue sauce, maybe it's better. House-made pickled okra and carrot perked up the plate. This was a lot of chicken goodness for scratching that itch at a low price.

                          The side of beer-braised collar greens with ham hocks, $5, was a formidable pile. But much too stringy and tough with too much tough stalks and overly mature dried out leaves. This did taste good though and I enjoyed picking at the soft bits of ham and rind.

                          The new chef in the kitchen is off to a good start.

                          Our pecan pie saga is outlined here. Should see the refund check any day now.

                          1. Finally made it out to this place and was mostly impressed. Tried the mac&cheese with Italian sausage which was quite good. "charred" pablano corn bread was corny and tasty, but not very charred and a bit too crumbly. Fresh brewed ice tea was good, and I enjoyed the thinly sliced jerky.

                            I'll be back to sample more of the menu.

                            1. Latest report on Pig & Pie . . . poutine from LA visitor, TheOffalo.