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Jun 26, 2012 09:31 PM

Where to go to for Risotto in the Capital Area?

Hi folks,

I've been in Albany on business for the past six weeks, and in that time have been able to dine at all of the restaurants recommended on here by fellow CH'ers. I've been concentrating on mainly appetizers and wine by the glass, although I will order the occasional entree. Taking lots of notes as well, although restaurant reviews will be for another time.

Being a regular at a few of the places, I casually asked with regards to Italian food in the area. According to a few of the managers, there was a very good place but they left the scene not too long ago, and the area is short on options, which really surprised me.

Unfortunately, at this point I have to agree. First I went to Grappa '72, which looked to be pretty well rated on both Yelp and Urbanspoon. Nice ambience, decent wine by the glass selection. So typically to get a sense of how good / consistent the kitchen in an Italian place is, I order the risotto. If an Italian place can't make a good risotto or pasta, well then...I don't know, it's like a Spanish place that can't make a good paella. However, the risotto is easier...anyways, I digress.

Ordered the mushroom risotto. Awesome mushroom flavor, infused with truffle oil, Reggiano shavings, etc. No excess liquid around the edge. But, it was slightly undercooked. Still, I'd give it a solid 8 because the flavor was definitely there.

A few weeks later, I get the urge to do Italian again. Ok, enough playing around, I think to myself. I'm going to the official CH recommendation for Italian in Albany, Cafe Capriccio. Straight to the top, passing Taste's beef carpaccio dish on the way.

So I get there relatively early, 6:30 in the evening. Bar area is empty, there is only one party in the booth behind the bar, and the owner himself is sitting with the guests, entertaining, talking about sending people to Tuscany to experience food and wine.

I inquire with the bartender as to wine by the glass, and am presented with a few options: Chianti, Malbec from Italy (which he then corrected and said Argentina!), a Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, and a Californian Pinot Noir. I chose the Montepulciano, although I've been tasting a lot of Malbec, Monastrell, and Riojas lately. It was ok, and consistent for the street price ($12). Problem was they were selling a glass for $9 (ouch).

So even though I was there for drinks, the bartender hands me the dinner menu. I glance at a few of the appetizers, standard fare there's the antipasti, 4 cheese eggplant, caprese salad, porchetta, etc. Then I look at the risottos. Shrimp risotto, ok. Grilled sausage risotto with fennel, well that looks interesting. I'll take one please.

They brought out some warm bread, olive oil, salt and pepper, and I was catching up on the latest Politico news and sipping wine, all the while listening to the party behind me rave to the owner on how good the food was. When the risotto came out and the bartender put the plate in front of me, one whiff and it was pure heaven. The heady combination of red wine sauce, freshly grilled sausage and fennel assailed my nostrils (how original, I know) and promised great things to come.

Then, I looked down at the dish and my heart sank. The edges of the risotto were drowned in red wine-infused stock! My elation turned to despair. I started to lie to myself: "it's just excess liquid, it has to be cooked, it has to be cooked". What was to be my risotto triumph was starting to turn into a horror show. Desperately, I sampled towards the edge of the plate. Under cooked. Officially panicking now, I sampled the middle of the dish. Almost al dente. I sampled the other side -- undercooked as well. The outside of the grain was al dente, but as you bite through to the core you get that grainy texture.

I glanced around; the bartender had mysteriously disappeared, the din of conversation and laughter in the background barely perceptible as I wrestled with how to address this issue in the most amicable way possible. There was no way my request to send this back was NOT going to be heard by the aforementioned party/owner, and I envisioned how invisible daggers would be hurled at my back as a result.

After taking a miniscule bite of the fennel sausage (damn it was so good!), I called over one of the waitstaff, and apologized that the risotto was undercooked and as a result I would not like to have it. At this point, a real embarrassing exchange occurred in which she attempted to say that they will "make another one", and "all our dishes are cooked to order", and a hundred other platitudes that are suppose to convince you that they will NOT microwave the darn thing, drain the fluid, and put it back on a fresh plate for you to consume forthwith.

I finally had to look her dead in the eye and, as politely as possible, firmly state that no I did not want the same dish, and that yes I would like to order another dish instead. At this point I got "the stare", and a silent retrieval of my plate. Interestingly enough, the room had gone silent..

An interminable minute passed, and I suppose no news was good news, because the conversation in the booth picked back up again and they were back to raving about Italian food as if nothing had occurred. No discourse from the owner. Suits me just fine.

To wrap things up (because I am starving now after having to send back freshly grilled sausage), I order the 4 cheese eggplant. Breaded eggplant, four cheeses, diced tomatoes. Nothing remarkable, but pretty solid fare. After finishing the dish and about half of the bread basket (hey, starch is starch at this rate...), I ask for the bill. When I eat at the bar, I always give the bartender his/her due even if the kitchen messed up. I'm just being fair, they're not the ones responsible.

The bartender was the only one to wish me well as I walked out (which is pretty much what I expected). The party in the booth and the owner pretty much fell silent and pretended to be in a state of deep meditation for my exit.

Guess I won't be headed back there anytime soon.

Ok, I'm over it. Any other suggestions for Italian in Albany, then?

All best,


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  1. Try Chianti or Max London's in Saratoga Springs; both make a proper risotto. Creo has an asparagus and crab risotto on its spring menu, also worth a try. So is Aperitivo Bistro in Schenectady.

    1. You could try the restaurant Risotto in Loudonville.
      I enjoyed my meal there very much, and they have a lovely selection of risottos (risotti?) as well as a lot of other mediterranean influenced dishes.

      1. Thanks for all of the suggestions; I will add them to the list! The Loudonville restaurant has quite the selection...:-)

        All best,


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        1. re: unagi1

          Please note that it is on Henry Johnson Blvd (or is it Northern Blvd up there?) in a strip mall across from Albany Memorial Hospital. Technically in Loudonville, but not what most people think of as Loudonville. I hope you enjoy it!

            1. re: AmyH

              no worries, I looked at the street view -- it's right across from the Albany Memorial Hospital as you had mentioned. Thanks!

        2. Grappa '72 and Cafe Capriccio are the only Italians I've been to in Albany. Though there is an Italian place on Central Ave. (one post on CH). Maybe Cafe Italia (red sauce)?

          I generally don't eat risotto out because no one makes it as good as SO. The best I've had out was at Mio Posto.

          If you're looking for a Ciano you won't find it in the Capital Region :)

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            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              Risotto at Mio Posto:


              I also had some delicious risotto with beets (very odd to eat pink risotto!) at Capriccio Saratoga. That makes risotto out 3 times recently. Might be a record! Like lobster, risotto is one of those dishes I prefer to eat at home. Nobody makess it better than SO :)

            2. unagi1, sorry you had a bad experience. Another hound had a so so experience during restaurant week.

              We really enjoy Cafe Capriccio and Capriccio Saratoga. Do they have duck ragu w/tagliatelle on the menu? That's my favorite dish. I also love their caprese salad in the summer. They grow their own tomatoes. Agree with you re: eggplant with 4 cheeses. It's one of my favorite dishes there, good not great. Their bread is just okay. The best bread I've had is at Maestro's. Saratoga National's bread is also pretty good. I wish one restaurant here would have bread like Ciano's in the city.

              Once Track Season starts we'll be heading to Cafe Capriccio. I haven't been in awhile. We go to Capriccio Saratoga more.

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              1. re: financialdistrictresident

                Hi FinancialDistrictResident,

                Thanks for the links and good insight. I originally was going up to Saratoga Springs to do some wine shopping but browsing this board it looks like I'll definitely have to try out a few of the restaurants!

                We also make risotto at home, but since it's such a comfort food to me it's great to have it on the road with the right glass of wine. Pink risotto is indeed odd, but you should try squid ink risotto as well. That and mushroom risotto are my two favorites. I guess the politicos here aren't big on Italian :-). I'm back from two weeks of being away, so time to start hitting the scene again.