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Jun 26, 2012 07:46 PM

Help! I need green peanuts!!!

I'm in Asheville, North Carolina this week, and my friend (a native Carolinian) is offering to make me boiled peanuts if I can find the raw green peanuts in the next few days. He has asked around and hasn't been able to locate any, and he says he doesn't expect any to come into the area from South Carolina until next week. Any help? Thanks!

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  1. Lowes Foods has them here in Winston-Salem. There's a store in Asheville, so call them to see if they also have them.

    You might also try the Western NC Farmers Market if you haven't already looked there.

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      Thanks much. They're not in yet, and the produce manager says she doesn't know when they will arrive. Checking WNC today.

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        They're out of season. Green peanuts aren't usually harvested until late summer. If you do find some this time of year, check them very carefully for mold.

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          I'm in Louisiana and we used to get them from farmers in seems to me the season has backed up some because I start making boiled peanutsin early August and stop in September. My father, who fancied himself the finest boiled peanut maker in the New World (he was right) would NEVER make them with anything other than green peanuts and feel honor-bound to accede to his wishes.

      2. I should clarify my earlier post. I was talking about "raw" peanuts, which are technically different from "green" peanuts, but the terms are often used interchangeably. True green peanuts have a relatively short shelf life, so you usually find them only at farmer's markets or grocery stores that emphasize local products. And they're not in season until late summer as Kathleen noted above. You can use raw (dried) peanuts to make boiled peanuts--you just have to boil them a little longer, but they are still delicious. If you can't find true green peanuts, you should definitely have your friend boil up some raw ones for you (and perhaps the Lowes store there has the raw ones).

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          Sorry I know this is an old post, but which Lowes in Winston carries them?

        2. You could try calling Piney Mountain Orchard Farms and see if they have any available:

          3290 Asheville Hwy.
          Hendersonville,, North Carolina

          FWIW, I found them via this website:

          1. The mexican vegetable markets around Durham have raw green peanuts by the pound.

            The hispanic grocery store chain, Compare Foods, has bagged raw peanuts next to their roasted bagged peanuts in the produce area.

            Asian groceries also sometimes carry raw green or raw not green peanuts.

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              Walmart had them in Ga this week, so has Publix & Winn Dixie

            2. I bought some raw (not green ...still a week or so off) at The Pig this week....but of of course I am in SC.