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Jun 26, 2012 06:48 PM

New Smashburger Opening tomorrow in NW Calgary

A second Smashburger location is opening tomorrow in northwest Calgary. It's located in Royal Oak Centre (where the Walmart and Sobeys are).

#319, 8888 Country Hills Blvd NW

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  1. I visited tonight. As a vegetarian I don't have a lot of fast food choices, so it was nice to see this open near me. They serve a black bean burger, which can come topped with any of the suggestions they offer on regular or chicken burgers. I had the spicy baja black bean burger (no lettuce or jalapenos) and an order of poutine; to go. It was fifteen minutes or so before I got home and I had to reheat the food in the oven for a few minutes before it was hot again. I liked the fries and thus the poutine, and appreciated that they packed the gravy separately, but I would have liked to see bigger cheese curds. The burger was fine. It's made in-house and I'm happy to have a choice that isn't The Standard Veggie Burger Supplied by Sysco Food Services, which most restaurants seem to offer. The texture of the black bean patty was a little bit mushy and could have used something to give it some texture- brown rice or corn or something. But the flavour was fine. The toppings and bun were actually good, and I think they'd be great on a meaty burger if that's your thing!

    It was quite busy. I arrived around 7:30 and I would say I waited about ten minutes to reach one of two cashiers, and then another ten minutes for my order. As an aside... WOW were most of the people in the restaurant overweight. I guess because I can't really eat much fast-food I'm not usually in a fast-food restaurant around lunch or dinner, but WOW. It makes me think about how often I'll be back for more!

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      I was always under the impression that poutine wasn't exactly vegetarian...

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        I'm a vegetarian by taste preference, not any sort of moral inclination (I have no morals). I drew my line eight years ago at chunks of animal flesh. The run-off from said chunks? No problem.