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Jun 26, 2012 06:17 PM

Milford, CT next site of Colony Grill

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  1. I guess the Downtown Milford Drinking crowd will enjoy it. Just what we need, Pepe's expanding west to Yonkers and Colony expanding east towards New Haen. Each branch is worse than the last. Had the misfortune to eat in Fairfield Colony last week( 15 year old chose it for last night of school celebration, not a fan of their hot oil pizza.

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    1. re: bagelman01

      Only solution is to not order hot oil pizza. I have eaten in the Avon location and the pizza there was as close to Stamford original as you could get. I live 90+ minutes away from Stamford but still drive down there for pizza. Avon is 45 mins. away. Hopefully they will bring The Colony to Manchester. Pepe's in Manchester does nothing for me.

      1. re: jcanino

        I am not advocating Pepe's in Manchester (or any other lcation) I am a Sally's diehard. But have found that the branches are not as good as the original and get progressiely worse the farther from New Haen you get. That is Fairfied is superior to Danbury or Yonkers, and Manchest while not great is better than the one at the casino.

        Colony Fairfield not as good as Stamford, haven't tried Avon, not an area I visit too often.

    2. The Fairfield branch was a big disappointment. Way too long to wait for food which set the tone for the totally uninspired pizza which followed. Perhaps it was a bad evening for them as the place was crowded and appears to have a lot of followers. I won't go back unless I get dragged there by friends.