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Jun 26, 2012 06:12 PM

Mt. Rushmore and Sioux Falls, SD Dinner Recommendations

My late teens daughter and I will be in Mt. Rushmore and Sioux Falls, SD, one night each, on a Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, in August. Looking for nice places with good steaks, but an exceptional burger or great sandwich selection will also work. Cost not an issue, but the choice must make a good martini and have a decent wine by the glass selection. Preference for a choice near a reasonable but clean and safe hotel.


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  1. Hill City is about an hour from Mt Rushmore. The Alpine Inn is an old world looking steak place that is good quality and great value. Plenty of reasonable accommodation around Hill City too.

    1. not really a 'food' recommendation but the restaurant in the NPS lodge at Rushmore was memorialized in Hitchcock's North by Northwest. you can take your pick of roles. Eva Marie Saint, James Mason, Cary Grant, Martin Landau? or maybe just yourself. who gets the fake fatal shot is your call.

      I was there once and it is a cool setting. BTW the NPS discourages scampering on the face of the sculpture. esp. with firearms.

      1. Minerva's is downtown Sioux Falls is quite good, especially for steaks.