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Jun 26, 2012 05:58 PM

Stuffed Grape Leaves Metheun, Lawrence area?

Greetings All -
Planning a trip from Boston's Northwestern suburbs to southern Maine this week.

Thwaites market will most definitely be our first stop, but looking for you thoughts on finding some interesting Middle Eastern stops along the way, especially for some Grape leaves.

Thinking Georges and Korbani's in Metheun along the way?

Input would be greatly appreciated!

Best, DW

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  1. Georrge's is fairly close to Thwaites, and has a lot of ready made Middle Eastern prepared foods. Korbaani's is on Rte. 110 if you find yourself in that area of Methuen, and worth checking out also. Both places are take-away only and the best options in the area I think.

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      1. re: BlueMagic

        +2 for Korbanis.

        I like the Syrian bread here much better than Georges. It is thinner and less calories per piece and chewier. The hummus here is hands down the creamiest and most balanced I have ever had... Vegetarian grape leaves are excellent & better than the lamb IMO.

    1. Mounir's on South Broadway (Rt 28) in Lawrence. Give it about a -5 for ambience but a +9 for good, homemade tasting, Middle Eastern food.

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      1. re: powerfulpierre

        If Lowell is within your range, you could try Babylon, on Merrimack st.
        It's Iraqi, and has stuffed grape leaves dusted with sumac, very good.
        Here's a Globe mention with the address:

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          2nd for Babylon. Had their stuffed grape leaves last week, both with and without meat in the filling. Both were excellent.