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Jun 26, 2012 05:10 PM

King Crab legs on sale anywhere?

I remember for years there were sales on king crab legs during the summer, however I didn't see any sales last summer or so far this summer. Anyone know of any sales coming up?

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  1. I miss the days when BJ's sold them for $9.99/lb each weekend. These days, I keep an eye on the case at ShopRite. When they are $15-17 per pound, I consider buying them. I'll be looking next week. We are doing a beach bash on July 4 and want to include either king crab legs or lobster. How strange that lobster will probably be cheaper.

    1. I may have seen King Crab legs for sale at Shoal Harbor Seafood Market in Belford this past weekend, but they were very expensive. I would call before going to the store because this is an item that they rarely have, and when they do, it goes quickly.

      1. I think Costco has them (at least in Hazlet) on Fridays and Saturdays.

        1. Point Lobster in Point Pleasant has them in the freezer quite often.

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            I love King Crab legs. However, I found Costco's very very salty. Wegman's very expensive but good! Point Lobster is a good deal for steamed lobster. We got a pound and half steamed for I think it was $16. and brought that home with a couple of things from Joe Leone"s perfect after a day at the beach! I didn't think to look there for King Crab great suggestion!

          2. While I know it’s not a fair comparison and King Crab Legs are not my favorite thing…..I find snow crab legs to satisfy my hankering for crab. The Acme by me sells them for about $6.99lbs and sometimes with an additional $1.00 off per pound with your Acme savings card. So for $5.99lbs I can take a few snow crab legs out of their shell….hold two or three legs together at once…..dip them in butter…close my eyes and I never know it’s not King Crab!!

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              I like crab, but can't take it out of the shell. I love King crab and soft shell crab, but have never had Snow crab legs. I think I'll try them. Thanks!

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                Snow crab leg shells are much softer than king crab legs......if you steam them which is the most common way of cooking them the underside or bottom of the leg is very soft. You can use a fork and just run it up the underside of the shell and it will split right open. You can also easily just snap them in half and pull the meat out of each end with little to now problem.
                Also if you buy them frozen you can wrap them in tin foil and throw them on the grill and they will thaw/cook nicely just be careful because they can burn easily if you leave them on too long. Either way ENJOY !!

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                  jredivici this sounds wonderful! Thank you so much! I look forward to grilling them soon! This sounds soooo good! Much appreciated!

                  1. re: EL7

                    snow crabs are on sale this week at Acme. I get them often and have them steamed for free at the store. Delicious and really easy to eat.