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Picca Tonight

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What's best at Picca? Thanks!

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  1. Did you go over the linked thread from your previous asking? http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/841065

    1. The thread was very helpful. I enjoyed almost everything very much. The beef with rice was the only item that was not great. The mini pork sandwich was the best. Definitely not for everyone though - my dining companion didn't like it at all. He thought the flavors were too overpowering & strong.

      1. you HAVE to get the croccante ceviche, the one that comes with tigers milk and fried calamari. It's the only dish there that I crave. I think over all the restaurant is a bit overrated and over-priced, but that dish makes it all worthwhile for me. Sometimes I think about sitting at the bar and just eating that to get my fix :)