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Apr 7, 2004 07:03 PM

I-5 Exits/Restaurant info website??

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Recall seeing website at some point that listed California Interstate 5's exits and the restaurants/hotels/gas stations for each. Does anyone know the link/website? Will be helpful for road trip (SF to LA). We seem to zip by the exits we want, wait for next which is sometimes miles/too far, despite not knowing when next one will appear. Know of Harris Ranch, Starbucks, In and Out, but again have no idea what exits these are located. Thanks for your help in keeping driver sane and satiated!

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  1. Looks like In and Out Burger website has nifty search tool that allows you to plug in your road trip info and it will tell you every In and Out on the way (including your total mileage and est. travel time!). Now if we can just locate the overall website listing exit restaurants/info for interstate 5, we're set. Please respond if you know info. Thanks again!

    1. Here's a site I found:

      Hope this helps!


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        RWCFoodie (Karen)

        That's very cool - thanks!

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          Thanks for the link. If you change NCA to SCA you will the rest of I-5


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            THANKS! Had a hunch a Chowhound would know the answer!