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Jun 26, 2012 03:16 PM

Bangor Restaurants

I'll be in Bangor Jul 7 for one night. Looking for an upscale restaurant. Thistles is closed that day, so is Fiddleheads. What's going on in Bangor that week?

Any other upscale restaurants? We're staying at the Sheraton. They have a restaurant. Anyone been? Hotel restaurants are usually meh.

Ken B

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  1. Massimo's is a fine Italian restaurant. Across the river in Brewer you will find Yoshi's!, excellent Japanese and sushi

    1. Thistles and Fiddlehead are closed on Saturdays? That seems unlikely!

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      1. re: rockblogsterbdn

        Unlikely but true, both restaurants are closed all week for vacations. I doubt they coordinated it

        1. re: jbuttitta

          Oh yeah, Fiddlehead does close for 4th of July week. Well that's a bummer. Too bad you won't be able to try them! I do recommend Massimo's!