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Jun 26, 2012 03:11 PM

Seafood near Hammonasset State Park Madison,CT

We're going to the beach! The family is heading to Hammonasset State park in Madison Ct and we would love some fresh seafood. It doesn't have to be fancy at all but needs to be outrageously fresh and yummy. The kids are chow hounds in training. Where's your favorite spot?

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  1. Both Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale and the Clam Castle are just a little bit east from the park, on opposite sides of the Post Rd -- both very casual but full of great sea food. (The Fish Tale also has a carrousel.)

    1. I second the Clam Castle. Great, fresh seafood. Eat at the Clam Castle then take the kids to the Carousel across the street.

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        I third the Clam Castle...One of my favorites!

        1. re: KelJne

          Another vote for the Clam Castle. If you're thinking lobster I would say Lobster Landing in Clinton.

      2. We are leaving for Hammonasset tomorrow. Each visit we stop at Joe & Lenny's. This time I'll give the Clam Castle a try. Our favorite place is called "the Place". I think it is in Guilford, which is a short drive away (5miles?). They have the best clams, which are grilled over an open fire, and topped with a spicy buttery sauce. It'a BYOB, and also you bring your own appetizers. You sit outside on tree stumps, there is no shelter. It's definitely worth a visit.

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          The Place is a hoot, esp. on a nice evening. Like a perpetual clam cook-out. (I love the grilled corn!) I haven't been in a while - time to go back!

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            The Place serves average food at extrordinary prices. Two dozen roasted clams, two ears of corn, and a soda was $40.00. You can do much better at the many seafood joints nearby. On the otherhand, if you want to pretend you are camping, sitted on a stump and have no tent to pack up after you eat, and money is no object....The Place is for you!

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              I think the roast clams special and corn (combined cost = $13.70) is worth the visit. We went on Tuesday and my husband had the catfish, while plain and simple it was pretty good right off the charcol grill. Also, it is bring your own apps, and byob, which saves a considerable amount off any restaurant's usual mark up on these meal components.

        2. Johnny Ads in Old Saybrook another good spot, on Route 1'(15 mins from Madison). Outdoor dining available too.