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Looking for REAL Japanese Ramen

NYC transplant since 08 and STILL have not found a a place that serves REAL Japanese Ramen. HELP! Would prefer to stay within the inner-loop but at this point beggars can't be choosers so I'm willing to travel beyond. Suggestions please.

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  1. I haven't heard of any and I've been watching the blogs for one to pop up. No help I know. But I'll be watching this one too in case anyone proves me wrong!

    1. can't recall the name,, lower westheimer, alabama, richmond.on the midtown side of Montrose.. Sorry, can't be of more help.. u may be able to find with a search by area on b4ueat..

      1. its Nabi at 1517 Westheimer.. ck it out and come back and tell your story..

        1. Soma on Washington.

          Kata Robata on Richmond/Kirby.
          And Nabi.

          1. I'll give Nabi a try, thanks. I've been to Soma, Jenni's, Kata, Nippon, Zake, azuma and a few other places who's name escapes me. Not all served Ramen and those who did served up a very generic bland ramen, some of them served with an egg?? I think they are getting their dishes mixed up, I've seen the raw egg in dishes like a katsu but not ramen.

            I'm looking for Hakata Ramen thin noodles, in a rich pork broth, thin pork slices, with ginger, black mushrooms and scallions, simple and YUMMY.

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              Have you tried Sushi Jin on Dairy Ashford and Memorial? They have ramen on the menu that tastes pretty good to me. My husband who has traveled to Japan many times says it is decent, but not exactly perfect. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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                Egg in ramen in Japan is common.

              2. First, let me just reiterate, that I love my new town, and the Chowhounds on it. I was just about to post this exact question when I realized PROBABLY someone has already asked it.

                Here's my experience: There are two Kubo's that do ramen - the one in New Chinatown (9889 Bellaire Blvd Suite 234 Houston,TX 77036) and one in the Rice Village (2414 University Blvd). The 'Cafe Kubo's" in New Chinatown serves at least 3 types of ramen - Tonkotsu, Butter, and Shoyu, but you can only get it after 5PM (?) - worth the drive, probably easier to get to on the weekday due to traffic on Bellaire. I liked both Tonkotsu and Butter (spicy!), but it's been awhile since I've had really good ramen, so I'm a bit desperate.

                Kubo's in the Rice Village is more 'chic', and they only serve the Tonkotsu ramen - definitely not the same recipe as the one in Chinatown. Good, but had to add the Togarashi - not sure if that is an indication.

                Happened to find Nippon on Montrose - thought this a pretty generic name for Japanese restaurant, but our servers were all Japanese, and both the ramen (can't remember what type) and Katsudon were really good.

                Of the three places, I think Cafe Kubo in Chinatown will be the one you like best - they also do your typical Japanese snack foods like Takoyaki, etc.

                Anyway, please share any of the places you like, because I'm dying for more ramen!

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                  i also moved from NYC/Jersey already since '08.

                  While i love Houston for in many ways, i have yet been able to find a good izakaya and ramen.

                  I know exactly the type of soup/broth you were looking for. i crave for that especially during the cold winter days...

                  Nabi's ramen isn't anywhere close.

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                        we went to Teppay last week. I was very happy with the ramen and the broth there.

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                          Is it weird that I can identify with this and can see myself quitting everything and opening a ramen shop in Houston?