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Jun 26, 2012 02:24 PM

Santa Monica Seafood: Hungry Cat or Blue Plate Oysterette?

Please help - need opinions on which restaurant to choose. Those of you who have been to both, would love to hear your assessment between Hungry Cat Santa Monica vs. Blue Plate Oysterette.

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  1. I like Blue Plate but they do not take reservations and that means long waits. Hungry Cat has 1/2 off oysters on Monday nights right now. More casual at Blue Plate. Higher prices at Hungry Cat but worth it and one of the best burgers in town. Ocean Ave Seafood is also good and they are just up the street from Blue Plate on Ocean and have great seafood towers.

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      I had heard you could call ahead and put your name down on the waiting list. Is that still true?

      1. re: szooey

        I put my name on a list for Blue Plate a week ago and it shortened the wait by about half the time. Best to go between the lunch and dinner hours for quicker seating.

    2. I really like BPO since they serve one of my favorites things that is hard to get on the West Coast. hen they don't have the Ipswich clams, I get the lobster Mac & cheese, or lobster roll. It is very small, and usually very crowded at lunchtime, and parking is non existent unless you don't mind walking from one of the free muni parking lots, the closest of which is on 2nd. Perhaps they have valet at dinner time, I have not been for dinner.

      The Hungry Cat is also very good, both restos know their fish; however, I find some of their dishes to be hit or miss. Very crowded usually, so consider making a reservation for dinner, unless you don't mind waiting for a seat at the oyster bar. Excellent cocktails here; BPO is beer & wine only. HC also has valet, and is only open for brunch/lunch & happy hour, and dinner, brunch being on both Saturday & Sunday. It's a tad less casual than BPO.

      Hope that helps!

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        Love Hungry Cat. Amazing oysters. I love their lobster roll and their salads are wonderful. BPO is a no because I find the seating uncomfortable and can't stand the no reservations policy. Had the most delicious soft shell crab at Hungry Cat recently. Check the online HC menus. They really do change them daily.

        1. Ok....I know this is a title....and not supposed to be an option. But I think the cafe at Santa Monica Seafood has better dishes than either Hungry Cat or Blue Plate. I'm just sayin'.....
          Though it's casual. (but are the others.)

          1. 1. HC
            2. BPO
            3. SMS

            I don't hesitate to partake in any of the 3, the are all pretty good.