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Jun 26, 2012 02:21 PM

In Culver City for 2 nights, how about Mozza2Go and Umami Burger?

Greetings, LA Chowhounders!

My best friend is flying out from upstate NY to be on Jeopardy (a life long dream of hers!) and I'm flying down from Seattle to meet her. She'll be there from Tuesday afternoon through Thursday morning.

Would Mozza2Go and Umami burger be delicious and fairly low-key food options? They are both app. 13 miles from the hotel. My friend will be tired after the long coast-to-coast flight, and then the day of taping, but we would like to eat great food without adding too much to the stress of travel.

Is taking a cab sensible? I don't want to bother with renting a car unless I have to. The only errands I'll be running are food related: getting to food, picking up food, buying champagne to consume back at the hotel.

My plan is to call ahead and get takeout from Mozza2Go on Tuesday late afternoon, then cab there and bring the food back to the hotel, where my friend will be arriving. Wednesday night we could cab to Umami and eat there. Can anyone tell me if we should expect long lines, big crowds or a super loud environment?

Feedback on food choices would be appreciated, too! Am I missing something that I shouldn't be?

Thank you!

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  1. Be forewarned, that will be an expensive cab ride if you're going late afternoon, you will hit rush hour traffic and it will take you forever to get from CC to Hollywood & back. Your best bet would be to go somewhere in Culver City that first night, if your friend is not up for going out. But you won't find a pizza place close to Mozza, if that is what you have your heart set on. I bet renting a car for a day or two just might be cheaper than the cab ride. Seriously. Good luck!

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      I've been living in DC for the past yr and a half so I hope none of my info is dated, but there's an Umami in Santa Monica that would be much easier to get to than the Hollywood Umami. If you are in CC, I would just go to Father's Office and get their burger (I tend to prefer Umami, but FO's is really great too).

      There's some pretty good options in and close to CC that I would do over cabbing to Hollywood. A quick search should bring up some good ones, but from memory: Mezza, A-Frame, Waterloo...

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        Sadly Mezza is closed... but I agree that after a long flight, the last thing I would want to deal with is the parking and 'scene' situation at either Umami or Mozza. F.O., A-Frame, Waterloo are closer and great options. Actually the last time a food loving friend came into town, on the first day we took them to Yamadaya. They loved it and it forfied them for the rest of the trip!


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          Couldn't agree more with your recs Dommy. I would also add that it might be worth considering Lukshon.

          As everyone has already pointed out, the cab option is a non-starter. Renting a car might make a lot of sense, however, esp. if you have to get your friend to Hollywood for the taping.

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            Jeopardy tapes at the Sony lot in Culver City, that's why they're staying in CC.

    2. mozza 2 go is pretty easy especially if you order first before you get there. however, without a car, it's quite the gamble to go there with a cab. that 13 miles can stretch to a long drive. if you're staying in culver city, there's quite a few places worth going to. just off the top of my head, there's akasha, a frame, lukshon, fathers office, waterloo and city. i'm not sure umami burger is worth keeping in a bag for a while too nor the cab ride though i do think they're pretty good.

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        1. Where exactly are you staying? There are probably places within walking distance we can recommend. You might also talk with the concierge of the hotel regarding whether they might have some sort of shuttle. There are delivery services that probably cost a lot less than round-trip cabs would.

          1. imho,
            do not take a cab any distance in LA on late weekday afternoon to pick up food.
            the traffic situation is unbelievable at that time, and even the best food will be reduced to lousy /mediocre food by the time the cab gets you back to the hotel.

            far better strategy is to eat at restaurant in or near Culver City .

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              That's mho also. You could easily be talking about a 90 minute, $60 round trip cab ride. Lots of good options right in Culver City that have been mentioned here.

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                Yikes on the cab, thanks for letting me know! Coming from Seattle, 13 miles seemed reasonable, but it sounds like that might not be the case in LA, especially with traffic.
                I'll also follow up on delivery services, thanks for the good idea.

                We'll be staying at the Doubletree Hilton in Culver City, if anyone has more recommendations for around that area (am going to run the recs for Father's Office and the others by my friend right now).

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                  Fathers Office (the one in Culver City, not the original in Santa Monica) makes a lot of sense. You were considering Umami, and many rate the burger at Fathers Office to be the best in SoCal. Their other food is good, too. Note that they do not make any alterations or substitutions to the menu items. And a very reasonable cab ride from the hotel, maybe 3-4 miles or so -- across the 405 and then up La Cienega.

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                    I work in the area and sadly there isn't a ton of great grub within walking distance. However, you are RIGHT by the Culver City Transit center so you can easy hop on one of the Culver City buses to take you where you need to go in Culver City for $1. Also,M-F you can take the #4 Culver City bus to the Metro Expo line, which opens up SO much of L.A. to you. You can get downtown, to Hollywood, to East Los Angeles.

                    Here is the link to the Culver City Bus:



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                      I'm one of those weird Angelenos that, despite having cars, will ride the bus. I will say that the new Expo line is unfortuantely SLOW.
                      Anyhow, the bus is certainly an option. The Culver City busses are easy and not gritty.
                      There are stops on the #3 line even closer than the transit hub at the mall, within 1/3 mile from that hotel. The #3 can get one right up to downtown CC, actually right next to Sony where I believe Jeopardy is taped. You could meet and either swithc to another bus for the mile trip to F.O., or just grab a cab. Cab from hotel to F.O is probably $20. Personally I think the Father's Office burger is about as good as Umami, plus there is other good grub there. That #3 line also goes all the way up to Century City, though there isn't a lot there.
                      Also in about 1/3 mile from hotel, you could grab a #2 and get right to Waterloo & City or A-Frame. Actually from Sony there is a straight shot bus there for your friend too. Otherwise these can be cabbed for about $15. I think the pizza at W & C is pretty good, and the terrines are great. I heard they now make all the charcuterie in-house too. I think A-frame is good & cool, but slightly prefer the food at W & C. Gjelina indeed is another good option. Broad menu of all sorts of good stuff, including really good pizzas, with a vibrant crowd. Though it is very loud inside as opposed to the patio, as well as hard to get into.