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Jun 26, 2012 01:35 PM

best restos in and around Charleston

Hey Hounds

Am visiting this area soon and i would like to know everyones favorites. PLease help...I have read lotsof reviews and need more ideas tanks

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  1. When you say you have "read lots of reviews", do you mean on this site? There are literally dozens of threads on here discussing every imaginable topic of food in Charleston, such as:

    If you need more advice, some details would help. Where are you staying? Do you have a car? What kind of food are you looking for? What price points? What atmosphere? If you have any questions about specific restaurants, feel free to ask those too.

    My experience is somewhat limited, but in response to your question, Cru Cafe is my favorite.

    1. yes on this site.We havea car. price points dinner around $25 staying in charleston... like seafood water view if possible

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        Well, great food, a $25 price point and water view is a tough combination. The Wreck of the Richard and Charlene, in Mt. Pleasant, would work, I think. In the historic district, Fleet Landing has great views, but the food is just ok.

        1. re: Barbarella

          I personally like the view at The Wreck even if it's "just" of the marsh and Shem Creek because there's something to be said about the marriage of nature and a working seafood waterfront that appeals to me more than sweeping ocean views. And also because the shrimp they serve is from right there.

          I think for more of an elevated traditional ocean or waterway view, though, Hucks Lowcountry Table on the Isle of Palms is your best bet. Farm-to-table, not exclusively seafood but they obviously have seafood, etc.

          The Boathouse at Breach Inlet between Sullivan's Island and Folly Beach is another option for an elevated water view (although the fact that they have tilapia on their menu indicates to me at that least a portion of their sourcing is from a Sysco truck instead of exclusively from local fishermen), although they certainly espouse a local sourcing ethos on their website landing page. .

          Restaurants in the Charleston Historic District itself don't have views. It's all about the food there.

        2. I so agree with the posters here. If you sit by the water, you pay for the view. But you already know I think that.

          Great seafood, lots of choices: Hank's. Special preparations, local just off the boat: FIG, Anson, SNOB, High Cotton.