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Jun 26, 2012 01:25 PM

lunch tomorrow in Belmont Shore/Naples

heading to Queen Mary tomorrow with 2 teens, but don't want to eat on board.
looking for a casual lunch spot and thought Belmont Shore/Naples would be ideal. not finding much on this board for Naples though—is it too touristy? Angelo's Italian Deli sounds like a good bet—any input?
p.s. we spend time in Seal Beach so I don't want to go there.

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  1. Belmont Brewing Company is at the foot of the Belmont Pier. Beautiful view of the ocean and Queen Mary. When we first tried it I was not expecting much due to the "brewery" aspect, but the food is good. Definitely not gourmet so if you are looking for more high end this might not be your place. The Lobster Bisque is wonderful. Sit on the deck at the far end if you can. We can sit there for longer than they probably like watching the ships and ocean. I don't recommend sitting inside as the atmosphere is casual and loud. They usually take dinner reservations, not sure about lunch, but definitely request the deck as it fills quickly. Enjoy the QM.

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      who knew there was a Belmont Pier.....thanks, not looking for high end, just a good lunch place. we'll check it out.

    2. Simmy's in Belmont Shores. Teens=Burgers.

      5271 East 2nd Street
      Long Beach, California 90803

      1. I'm partial to Le Creperie. Crepe are fantastic, and I always enjoy their pate and cheese appetizer. If you can get a table outside, you can people watch as you eat.

        1. Your own suggestion of Angelo's Italian Deli is a good choice. Order sandwiches for takeout and take a 6 block walk thru Belmont Shore to the beach. Or sit out side at sidewalk tables.

          I like Michael's Pizzeria, a few blocks out of the shore on Naples Island. (ok, Naples is still technically the "Shore", but it's a bit closer to PCH and has a very different atmosphere.)

          This is Italian style pizza. Nice modern atmosphere. I often see neighborhood moms there with kids in the evening.

          Michael's Pizzeria
          5616 E 2nd St
          Long Beach, CA 90803

          1. We ended up getting subs at Angelos—no line, empty tables outside, so it worked just fine. 2 prosciutto/mozzarella/arugula and 1 smoked turkey subs plus cold Oranginas.
            Had no idea that 2nd St. was so packed with places to eat—will explore more next time. Simmzy's was right across the street and was pretty crowded but the girls ixnayed burgers and brewery.
            we did drive around Naples—you literally go around in circles—and now I understand why there are no postings for food—there isn't any! I guess I was imagining the equivalent of Berthillon in the "piazza" center, but it's just a fountain.
            p.s. If you're considering the Princess Di show at the QM, don't bother. the ship itself is tired and not well looked after, the exhibit is stuffed into a long narrow passageway and consists of tons of vitrines full of historical items from the royal family plus dolls, tchotchkes and a handful of her dresses that were purchased at auction by a woman in Texas. not worth the $35 entrance fee and $12 parking.