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Jun 26, 2012 12:51 PM

Looking for a good Mediterranean restaurant...

I live in the Dallas/Addison/Richardson area and am looking for some great Mediterranean food. More than just hummus!

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  1. you might have to look for a while. What type of Mediterranean food are you referring to? Fadi's and Afrah are Lebanese and they're alright. Ali Baba's is decent as well. Pera is a new Turkish restaurant at Preston and Summerside, it's pretty good. There's also Afghan Grill at Preston and Summerside which I enjoy. I have not yet found Greek food in Dallas that I like but Kosta's is popular.

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        +1 for Afrah Grill and buffet! Arguably, the best in Dallas! Triple D diid just aired a show about them but only talked about their delicious chicken shwarma. But, they have the most incredible Middle Eastern buffet in Dallas (Richardson). Plus, a fantastic bakery and geleteria.

    1. I really like Ali Baba - their reg. menu and they have a hell of a good $10 lunch buffet.

      1. My husband and I just tried Baboush in West Village and thought it was above average. Their cocktails are fantastic.