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Jun 26, 2012 12:01 PM

Hannosuke: A Pictorial Essay

Verdict: These tempura bowls are good! (as long as you eat it right then and there and not take it to go)... Each bowl is made to order. This locations marks the first U.S. outpost for Kaneko Hannosuke, made famous in its Nihonbashi location in Tokyo generations ago.

The menu is easy: Just 2 bowls to choose from. Both bowl options are excellent. With your order, you also get a bowl of miso soup and a bit of gari (ginger) with sesame to lighten the grease... Hannosuke is a nice alternative to Santouka in the food court at Mitsuwa Market. If you do decide to get it to go, be warned: The tempura & rice can get soggy quickly, leading to a suboptimal experience. I'd recommend eating the tendon (tempura bowl) right then and there.

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  1. Tried this for lunch today around noon. While Santouka had a line almost a dozen deep, Hannosuke only had one other person ahead of me. I ordered the original tendon and a Diet Coke and ate it in-house. Definitely a delicious bowl of tempura. The runny, fried egg was a highlight as was the fried nori, but things can get soggy quickly. While there is grease, the food itself does not taste overly heavy and a single bowl with the miso soup was more than enough for me. Great addition to the food court. My only issue was that I wished they offered more vegetables as part of the bowl instead of the myriad of proteins.

    1. Yup, made the mistake of taking it back to work to eat. 10 minutes made worlds of difference in terms of the tendon becoming soggy. Still good, but soggy + heavy (I think it's fried in sesame oil?).

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        Yup they use sesame oil which tends to easily burn. It seems no matter what it gets soggy quick. I think the problem is in Japan you sit at a bar and they serve it to you and you immediately eat it with almost no time for it to sog up at all.

        1. re: Johnny L

          They also do that at the tempura and soba specialist I-naba in Torrance. The tempura anago is spectacular.

          1. re: Porthos

            I need to spend more time in the South Bay area.