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Jun 26, 2012 11:49 AM

New Westerly restaurant

I saw some activity at the former restaurant Bruna's Table. A friend said that a restaurant from Federal Hill is opening there. Does any one know anything about that? Something to look forward to!

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  1. Just this morning, I stopped for a light breakfast at Bruna's cafe in Watch Hill and asked one of the employees, who used to be sous chef at Bruna's, what was happening with the restaurant. Apparently, a local man named Longo who owns Longo's Cafe in Federal Hill, will be opening a new restaurant in Bruna's Canal St. building. He's busy expanding the interior space to include a bar, and I saw workers building a shelter over the outdoor patio. They should be opening in about a month.

    btw has anyone tried Ella's Fine Foods yet? I had lunch there a few weeks ago and was very impressed. I was going to start my own thread on it, but wanted to wait until we had another meal there.

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      Looking forward to the new restaurant at Bruna's location.

      Haven't been to Ella's yet - unfortunately they have foie gras on their menu and I won't eat at a place that serves it.

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        Oh thanks for info! So glad they will have a bar there! When Bruna's was busy there was really no place to wait. I have never heard of Longo's Cafe. The outdoor patio looks nice!

        We went to Ella's. We thought the food was very good. It was nice to see Amanda from Up River Cafe working there. The owners were very nice. Our only negative thoughts were, we did not know if it was too expensive for Westerly and the outdoor patio is in sort of a strange location.

        1. re: Alica

          I got the name wrong--it's Cafe Longo, not Longo's Cafe. Never heard of it either, but it has some nice reviews along with some awful ones on various review sites. I'll certainly give the new Westerly place a try.

          Concerning the prices at Ella's, I don't think it's any more that Maria's in Misquamicut, and that place is always mobbed in season. Agree about the patio--even if they bulid a barrier, I still wouldn't want to eat out there so close to traffic.

          As for the foie gras issue that coastalgypsy brings up: there are humane methods of fattening geese. Before blowing off Ella's, you might check with them to find out their source--just suggesting.

          1. re: Joltingjoey

            Foie gras?
            I'm there as soon as I can- so rare around here!