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Jun 26, 2012 11:34 AM

Philly Suburbs Recommendations

Anything in the Bryn Mawr area? If not, what would be closest? Looking for reliable hashgocha.

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  1. r&r, ny bagel & shalom pizza are basically off of haverford/county line road and are about 10-15min as well as Genaurdis which is off of lancaster.
    Where in bryn mawr will you be?

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    1. re: RebbRob

      Dropping my son off at Haverford College on Sunday for Camp Yesh Shabbat/Julian Krinsky.

      What do recommend food-wise?

      1. re: hml999

        New York Bagel Bakery is easily among the best bagels in the Phila area, possibly the best. If you aren't from somewhere with good bagels (ie NY/NJ area) pick some up to freeze.

        1. re: hml999

          Avoid Shalom Pizza at all costs. If you're not interested in bagels and traveling to NY, Cherry Hill is about 35 minutes from Bryn Mawr and has several options (dairy and meat).

          1. re: dillz

            If willing to travel, I'd suggest Center City instead. It's half the distance closer and no bridge toll (if you need to reenter PA anyway). Only a couple meat options but Mama's is awesome falafel and there are a lot of great veg options if you will eat somewhere that isn't shomer Shabbos.

      2. Ginardis supermarket (sp?) in Wynnewood has a lot of kosher food and a deli counter with sandwiches, hot to go chickens and salads. The food is very good and the prepared food is supermarket, not kosher, prices. They have a cafe with tables in and outide where you can even sit and eat.