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Good eats near Great Adventure?

I got a season pass for Six Flags this year...any recommendations?

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  1. What about Carnegie Deli in the park?

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      Not certain, but I don't think the Carnegie Deli is still there (and even when it was, the meat wasn't too great). In the park, the bbq by the log flume was decent last time I had it (couple of years ago). Not exactly around the corner, but close enough -- the Surf Taco suggestion is one of your better options. Its been a while since I visited Java Moon Cafe (which is just minutes from GA), but it should be okay for sandwiches, wraps, salads, etc. You can always grab a hoagie at Wawa for something cheap and fast.

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        jsfein - You might be right as I haven't been back to the park in a few years. As for the food, while I do recall it not being the same quantity and quality as the original, it was more than serviceable considering the location. As for Java Moon, while I've had decent meals there in the past, I too haven't been back in many years.

    2. It's a real tough spot for good food. At least there is a bar in the Surf Taco down there.

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        Is there a Surf Taco close to GA? The only one I know of in Jackson is a good 20-30 min away from the park at least.

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          Only one that I know of - same barely better than mediocre Surf Taco food with a good beer selection. Not sure exactly how far it is, just know it's the closest thing to a worthwhile stop in Jackson. Personally, I thinks it's generally tough to find much in the western OC.

      2. The Plumsted Grill:


        go east on #537 to County Rd.# 539. turn left and it will be on your right.

        1. Java Moon Cafe....is right down the road from GA


          1. Best bet is to pack a lunch and sneak it into the park. We usually brought sandwiches and purchased some drinks.

            Sadly, Great Adventure has the worst theme park food I have ever seen. Goes hand in hand with a filthy and crappy theme park. Filled with teenages and roller coasters. I hope that is your thing. We went a few times when the kids were younger (around 5 or 6), but after 1 or 2 years we have never gone back. Nothing in the park for a family to enjoy together.

            1. I also have season passes......(for the kids) however I think like most posters here have said there really isn't any "Good Eats" near GA. I personally pack a tailgate party when we go....bring your favorites to the park when your ready to eat go back out and take a break and enjoy a nice tail gate feast of some of your favorites.
              Oh also FYI....hopefully you purchased a parking pass as well with your season pass. If you have a parking pass when you go to the gate tell them you want to pay the extra $10. VIP parking and they give you a pass for the spaces all in front of the gate. So it's a much shorter walk for the park...and more open spaces for tailgating.

              1. I hate to repeat myself. But this restaurant is 10 minutes from the GA parking lot and well worth the short drive:

                Plumsted Grill

                457 Route 539, Cream Ridge, NJ

                (609) 758-5552 ‎ ·


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                  Is this the place that use to be called The Post?

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                    Don't know about being called The Post. I've never known it by any other name than Plumsted Grill.

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                      It was previously called "The Outpost" and was a BBQ joint (w/large outside smoker) and had a relatively large selection of draught beer (for NJ, so 25-30 taps).

                      Unfortunately, near the end anyway, they'd run out of ribs and pulled pork, and be out of every beer I'd order.

                      I think it changed hands circa 2007.

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                        It was an Italian place after it was The Outpost as well.

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                          Yes, thank you that is the place I was thinking of. I have not been to the latest incarnation The Plumsted Grill the menu looks interesting but as far as the Outpost went that was about as far from "good eats" as you could get!!

                    2. I can't recommend it but you might want to check out, "Coming Soon 21 SOUTH Bar & Grille. Formerly Stadium Pub Jackson NJ" below.

                      1. I have never been here, but I pass by the place....Mc Ginn's Irish Pub


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                          We have season passes as well. I wouldn't have them for myself, but my 3 year old loves the place.. it's a good way to spend an afternoon.

                          We went this past Sunday, to Hurricane Harbor. I always vow not to eat in the park, but sometimes it's the best option, especially when you have a hungry, wet (from swimming) 3 year old.

                          So we got cheesesteaks, from "Ted's Cheesesteaks". I ate mine without the roll. No forks, but they had plastic knives. So I ate mine with a knife. Kind of comical. It actually was pretty good, and for $8.99, was equivalent to what I'd pay elsewhere for a similar amount of food. Would've been better with onions, which they were out of.

                          Still on my short list: The smoked turkey leg, for $10.99.

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                            Hahahaha while reading your post the only thing I'm thinking is "Man the only thing I eat at the park is the turkey legs"...........

                            We have season passes as well although my kids are older (16-14) and are too cool to hang with Mom and Dad......so we usually plan a tail gate. We have a few family all of our children are of similar age(s) they hang as a group in the park and we just walk around and when it's time to eat we all pack food and go tail-gate in the lot. Much better than any of the offerings in the park or the surrounding area's. (In my opinion)