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Jun 26, 2012 11:04 AM

BBQ company ideas

I just had a BBQ with lots of well loved friends. I thought I was prepared and was not over doing it. I was wrong. Ended up being too tired to really enjoy my company. Everyone helped, and I was preparing for days ahead yet it was still to much. I guess I am getting older than I like to admit.

So my question is in Monmouth County (I live in Farmingdale ) I need suggestions for food BBQ whatever for easy entertaining for a crowd. I am going to do it again this summer, but can't do as much cooking this time.

I marinated lots of meat, and it was delicious but ALL the prep all week, and all the shopping and chopping was just too much. Any suggestions for making life easier for inviting a crowd.

Much thanks!

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  1. Local Smoke in Neptune and Jersey Shore BBQ in Belmar offer BBQ catering services. Never tried their catered food, but I've enjoyed the food at both places for dinner. I think Local Smoke has a slight edge on being my favorite.

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      thanks cke25 looking forward to enjoying both places for dinner! This sounds like it is going to be fun!!!

    2. While I am sure there are more than a few Catering companies that will fill your needs.....sorry to say i do not know of any enough to recommend. I just wanted to opine that the quality of the BBQ, Burgers,Dogs and sides vary greatly. I've been to backyard catered events that were great...and then some that were real clunkers.....for the latter, even a couple by caterers who I have enjoyed in the past and where the host used them from prior parties.

      I would suggest if you consider having private chef prepare the the items you want and pay him his or her fee, to shop prepare and cook the event for you. You will have more control over the menu and quality of the items served.....

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        Interesting!! I don't know what I am looking for, but hiring a chef is something I never even considered! I used to love to cook, but after this ... when you are too tired to enjoy your friends something is wrong. I didn't want to do burgers and dogs, though next time I just might I was too tired for conversation! That was my husband's suggestion, but so not me. Love and food kinda go together in my book.
        Thanks for the thought certainly would never have come up with that idea on my own!
        Oh and forrunder it was your pig roast post that got me thinking on this, so double thanks!

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          The problem with an unknown or tested BBQ roadshow is the unknown quality of their products. A close friend did a BBQ with a Company called something like....*All American Barbecue*, for his kid's graduation party. He paid something like a guarantee of 50 at $15 per person before any extras, taxes or gratuities. They came with a cook and two servers....set up a grill and a table for the food and paper. The Ribs they served were a precooked vacuum sealed product purchased from a food supplier similar to what you would purchase at your local supermarket under various labels. The burgers were frozen and the hot dogs of cheap variety. The salads were the typical potato and cole slaw. My friend was not happy.

          You could purchase the food and pay a private chef easily for the same money. The chef could put his own twist to make gourmet burgers, creative sides and special BBQ sauce. You could also have some steaks, pork chops, seafood and fish.....purchased at a place like Costco or other. The chef would probably have access to a restaurant supply distributor as well.

          You could also go to your favorite restaurant and work out a deal with the owner to rent you the chef and staff. You should give an idea of the number of guests you intend to have....and your budget.

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            Lots of food for thought! Much Thanks fourunder. Mark, I have no idea what I am requesting! I just used to cook a lot for company over the years. I am finding it more and more difficult. We had a large crowd here recently and I was just too exhausted to enjoy myself. So I am thinking it is time to think out of the box and admit I need another solution for feeding family and friends! All suggestions most welcome!

      2. Just to clarify what you are actually requesting, are you looking for actual BBQ to be prepared and served (meats seasoned and smoked over low heat for 4 to 12 hours) or are you looking for a more generic cookout type of meal (burgers, dogs, chops & brats grilled quickly over high heat)? These are very different events but are often lumped under the term BBQ.

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          Lots of food for thought Much thanks Forunder. Mark, I have no idea what I am requesting! I used to enjoy cooking for company over the years. However, I am finding it more and more difficult over the years. We had a large crowd and I was just too tired to enjoy myself. So it is time to think out of the box. I am looking for suggestions for feeding family and friends whom I love, but don't want to work so hard anymore. So ALL suggestions are appreciated!

        2. Jersey Shore BBQ is your answer! And as far as I recall, you can order trays to warm/serve yourself, or they'll come to you with a full set-up...either way, you'd be eating some excellent 'cue!