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Jun 26, 2012 10:30 AM

Passing of a landmark Restaurant in Ogunquit

I was very sorry to see with my own two eyes the passing of Vinny's East Coast Grill on Rt.1 in Ogunquit. Had many a good meal there and a really fun time watching the Red Sox win. He had a great sports bar, and lots of good times. He will be missed at least by me, and probably countless more red sox sports fans.. Sorry to see you go Vinny ,

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  1. Noooooooooo! Fond memories of a friend of ours destination wedding, where we all went to Vinnie's (including the bride & groom) to watch the Sox / Yankees. Give my regards to Vinny, & tell him thanks for the good times! : )

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      Vinny's closed after the end of last season (Fall 2011). It's now a surf shop.