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Jun 26, 2012 10:22 AM

Pickup Dinner on way to Hana? Also, where to buy grocerices in Hana?

We're arriving in Maui around 1ish on a Saturday (in November) and are planning to drive to Hana for a few nights. We're thinking we should plan to pick up some food enroute or know where we're going to have dinner (sit down or take away) in Hana before we arrive starving and tired. Any suggestions?

Also, we'll be staying 3 nights in Hana and would like to do some self catering (particularly breakfast and lunch). Is there a decent grocery store? Where would you provision?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hana Ranch Store in Hana and look at previous postings..

    1. I would partially provision up near the airport. Buy a soft sided cooler that you can take home with you. It's been a few years since I've been to Hana but I do know that provisions can be hit or miss. Our first trip we ate spaghetti and Paul Newmans marinara. That was the best we could do. It's better now, but we always get partial provisions before hitting the road - bfast food, a dinner or two, beverages, and take it from there. Food shacks come and go and hours are island time. If you're lucky you'll find some decent food truck/shack grinds. If you're lucky you might run into a fisherman to sell you some fresh catch. Oh I miss Hana!!!

      I would map out a store now, one that sells adult beverages. If they have a discount card it only takes a minute to sign up and get the savings. They will all have some kind of cheap cooler, get in with a plan and get out as fast as you can! Power shop! Where are you staying?

      1. Thanks for all your help. In case anyone else is looking at this thread in the future, lessons learned from our trip:
        We did stock up in Kahului at the Safeway near the airport and brought a softsided cooler with us.
        The Hana Ranch Store in Hana was surprisingly well-stocked for pantry and would actually have worked in a pinch. They even had soymilk! Not a huge selection of meat and fresh veggies.
        We also ate dinner one night at the restaurant in the Travaasa Hotel which was expensive but very high quality. All our meals were outstanding.
        Note re: food trucks, many of them were not open (we tried to go to Cafe Romantica after reading good reviews but they were never open the 3 days we were there) and the ones that were all cater to the day-trippers and close around 4pm so wouldn't work for dinner if you're staying in Hana. The fruit stand near the Cafe Romantica was very good and well priced.

        And don't miss Coconut Glen's at Mile 27 1/2 on the Road to Hana. Amazing vegan coconut milk "ice cream". Try the "Original" which has pieces of coconut candy throughout and the Toffee Coffee!

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          Oooh, coconut ice cream, gotta try 'em when visiting Hana...

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            Yes, but I wouldn't plan to actually try and cook a meal based on groceriees from there Definately a must see

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              Did you fall in love with Hana? Where'd you stay?

              1. re: Bellachefa

                It was lovely. Reminded us alot of the Cook Islands. We rented a vacation home which was perfect.