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Jun 26, 2012 09:27 AM

Driving from Wellesley, MA to NY,NY on I84 - need stops along the way

Am driving with my dog from Wellesley MA to NY, NY on I84 route which is a fairly long journey and need to be able to stop along the way to eat, refresh and walk dog. Want to find a cute, safe, little town to stop off - close to freeway, to get a nice lunch, walk around a park or nice suburban block - don't want to have to drive 10 miles from freeway.
Looking for two different things - one idea would be to stop 1/3 way down somewhere and then 2/3 way down...
Second idea would be to just stop halfway from Wellesley to NY ...
Could anyone be a 'dear kindy' (as my Mom would say) and suggest any places to stop, eat and do all of the above. Def wld like a quaint, pretty and safe place to stop ...
Thanks so much for the help...
Doing this trip on Thurs - June 28

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  1. You could stop in Vernon Ct. There is a nice Deli there and a Nice Diner. Called the Vernon Dinner. It is only just off the highway and about an1/8 mile from exit. And a returning entrance right next to the off exit. There are some shops there and the area is quite safe. Its located about 30 mins from the Mass state line. into conn. Should be good for a first stop. Good luck and I hope this helps you out. Earle

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      I think the deli you mean in Vernon, CT is Rein's NY Style Deli. Very nice, good food, only negative is it could get very crowded at lunchtime with a line. For a little farther down, the Blue Colony Diner in Newtown, CT. Both are right off 84. Both are not so quaint, but good food, good service and quick on and off the highway.
      In between is Blackie's, in Cheshire, CT. It's an old fashioned Hot Dog Stand that's been there for decades. Lots of diehard fans. Very good Hummel's hot dogs. Just a few hundred yards off of 84.

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        Thank you so much - this is great :)

      2. Pepe's Pizza in Manchester CT for pizza unlike anything in Wellesley. An offshoot of their New Haven restaurant. Exit 62.

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          There are a number of places in the Manchester/Mall area. Some national chains, some local. Based on your itinerary, not a bad place to break up the trip.
          Shops at Buckland Hills Mall
          Longhorn Steakhouse
          Red Robin
          Natori Sushi
          Olive Garden
          Tullycross Tavern and Microbrew (one of my faves)
          TGI Fridays'

            1. When I traveled to cat shows several times a month, I usually stopped at exit 8 in Danbury. The exit is a sort of rotary, with gas stations and about halfway around, a road of it that goes by a few shopping centers. There were several fast food places and a nice diner (on the left). I can't recall the name, as it's been close to 15 yrs.

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