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Jun 26, 2012 09:17 AM

INTI Peruvian Food 820 10th Avenue Between 54th & 55th

INTI Peruvian Restaurant

I went to a Peruvian Restaurant on a recent visitation to the West Side of NYC, and was so delighted with the choices offered, and especially the food that found its way to the table that I sat at.

The staff was incredibly helpful in my navigation within this cuisine that is not so familiar to me, and was 100 % satisfied with all aspects.

The space is quite nice with tables near the large windows that peer onto 10th. Surprisingly, considering the quality of the food, there were few customers, due partly to the locations, I would imagine, though also to the fact that they have been waiting for a licence which would allow them to serve alcohal for several months.

The food I ordered:

Seafood soup ( forgot name) in soup section, was spicy and full of large thick cuts of squid and other sea life such as shelled animals. not too thick and not too thin, this provides one with a full meal, or could provide two with as a side dish.

I have seen Peruvian venues pop up around NYC, and have visited a few with hesitation that this is an empty trend, though I do have to say this one, INTI, is a great choice. I do hope they get more business, and I am sure to revisit for other items to try.

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  1. The soup you had may have been parihuela.

    So glad to see more Peruvian restaurants opening. Definitely an underrated cuisine in my opinion.

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      Raymi ( modern Peruvian) opened in the old Nuela spot on W.24th ( across from Eataly) it sounds good, I haven't tried it yet.

      1. re: foodwhisperer

        And there's now Morocho food truck at Union Square on Wednesdays. Jonkyo might be onto something when he/she says there a trend going.

        Is Raymi a megarestaurant like Nuela? I think the size might have something to do with Nuela's inability to stay open. It's just hard to pack a place that big night after night.

        1. re: michelleats

          I think Raymi will be as big as Nuela , since it is in the same space. When I was at Nuela twice, it was packed. So I was surprised they had to close. This Raymi restaurant sounds like it will be good, and the publicity might get them packed. I came across a few write ups on it .. here's one

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            Interesting. Sandoval's the guy behind Pampano, too, which I really like.

            BTW Morocho truck doesn't seem that great so far. I've only tried one thing: beef heart anticuchos, which were so-so. I should try a few more things before judging, but so far, eh....

      2. re: michelleats

        I wrote the name of the soup down on the newspaper I was reading, though could not locate the page or section when referring to it.

        I think you might be correct.

        That soup was 16 dollars, and would have come with no charage rice or beans or both (if I am correct). I opted for just the soup.

        1. re: jonkyo

          Peruvian rice -- the garlicky white rice -- is incredibly delicious when it's well made. Try to make room for it next time!

          >>I wrote the name of the soup down on the newspaper I was reading, though could not locate the page or section when referring to it.

          Oh, I do that all the time. Usually if I write it on my hand I don't misplace it.

          Jonkyo, I'll try to pop into Inti next time I'm in that area. Thanks for the heads up. There area few shilly reviews on Yelp, but not an overabundance. (Point in their favor.)

      3. I know this place is best know for its rotisserie chicken but the real gem here is the ceviche and sashimi.

        Order any one of those and pair it with the arroz chaufa and if you've got yourself a complete and fantastic meal.

        Wash it all down with some chicha morada and you'd feel like the fox who just left the henhouse.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          Ive been here many times for lunch and I just cant seem to convince myself to order the ceviche, even though a co-worker I trust raved about it. I always crave that chicken. The place is normally dull and empty and I always wonder how much time it has left. Chef from the Pio Pio empire

          I'm having the ceviche next week!