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Apr 5, 2004 09:15 PM

San Diego Gourmet Clubs?

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Just moved to San Diego. Love to cook and be with others who love to cook and eat too! Any formal or informal gourmet clubs or groups exist who might accept another participant? I am in the Tierrasanta area but don't mind a decent 20-30 minute drive.

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  1. Just keep an eye on this board, there is a group of San Diego 'hounds who get together to do pot lucks, or go to restaurants periodically.

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    1. re: Chino Wayne

      Thanks! I will keep my eyes open.

    2. I organize all of the outings here in San Diego. We have outdoor BBQs and also go to nice restaurants in groups of 12-30 people usually. A very nice group of diverse and interesting people. I would like to start a group that would be interested in cooking and exchanging ideas also. If you are interested in our next outing it will be at China Max on Friday April 16th. A banquet 10 course meal. Email me and I can send you the details.

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      1. re: buddha

        Just came across this post. We're a bit late for the April dinner, but what's next?

        1. re: abacal

          Sign up for the "SDChow" group on Yahoo groups ( Some folks met up in North County a little while back. If you make friends with individuals, there are also other get-togethers going on. (For example, KirkK only likes groups of 6 or less)

          1. re: Joseph

            Thanks for the info! I have joined the gruop and am eagerly awaiting some get-togethers!

      2. Sabra...

        Get in touch with Gayla Pierce. She is a chowhound of the first order. You can find earlier posts by her on this board. She will steer you in the right direction.

        Where are you from?

        You can write me back at my email address.