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Jun 26, 2012 09:09 AM

Heading to Vancouver this weekend!

Hey everyone,

I will be heading to Vancouver this weekend and will be staying for 9 days. Im going for a wedding, but im sure we will have alot of time to explore the culinary vastness of Vancouver. In the past we have tried Shore Club, a few of the guu's, Suika, las Margaritas, Santoku, Happa, Shi Art and a few AYCE japanese places. So far we are planning to try on this trip: Memphis Blues, Stephos, Kingyo, Four Seasons buffet. Looking for more of your great recomendations! we have a car there, so we are pretty much open to anything, thanks alot!

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  1. I'm not a fan of Memphis Blues or Stephos. Maybe add a food cart or two? There is a long thread on this board on carts/trucks.

    1. I strongly urge you NOT to go to Stephos. It's really just cheap crappy food - not much better than what you might get at a food court, in no way lineup worthy, and definitely not vacation worthy. The popularity of Stephos has greatly contributed to my belief that we are doomed as a society. Basically, it blows.

      Memphis is ok if you are visiting from somewhere without any form of barbecue. Like our mexican offerings, if you're craving that sort of thing, it'll do but it's nothing to write home about.

      Kingyo is pretty awesome. Why not some Chinese?

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      1. re: NoMoreSnuggles

        "The popularity of Stephos has greatly contributed to my belief that we are doomed as a society."


        1. re: Sam Salmon

          Thanks for the feedback, now that I know where not to go, any good restaurant recomendations?

          1. re: mik725

            I've been meaning to check out Hog Shack Cookhouse in the Steveston Village of Richmond:


            Might be a better alternative than Memphis Blues for you. BTW IMHO Memphis has stagnated for years now, same old same old, no new innovations, just higher prices for their meh foods. Not to say Hog Shack is necessarily much superior, other than it's new.

            Another new "BBQ" option may be The Fat Dragon, but I hear the menu can be a bit of hit & miss:


            1. re: mik725

              This is a "splurgey" suggestion, but if your budget isn't too constrained, I'd recommend Il Giardino. I had a fantastic dinner there last night: Burata, tomato, and pesto starter with mixed greens, a pasta with forest mushrooms and summer truffles, and a coconut panna cotta with some lovely garnishes. My husband shared the starter and dessert with me and had a tagliatelle with ragu, which he said was very good. We also ate everything in the bread basket, all of which was outstanding. Service was attentive and charming, with no rushing from course to course, and we ate on the heated patio--it was a sunny evening. Our meals, along with a bottle of Moretti for my husband, came to a hair under $100. Pricey for Vancouver, but definitely worth it.
              The only off note was the piped in music--sort-of 50s-style vocals not quite good enough to be show tunes. Apparently that is all they ever play, and it drives the servers a little bit nuts.

            2. re: Sam Salmon

              I think this may be my first +1 ever but NMS ya nailed it. That and the line at Sophie's together signal the apocalypse.

              Re bbq, I'd suggest trying some beautiful Chinese barbeque instead of Memphis Blues which is indeed just okay. My favourite is HK BBQ Masters on Leslie, with the one in Parker Place a close second. Another bonus: it will cost you 1/2 to 2/3 less. Only drawback is no beer (unless you get it to go and head back to your hotel for a feast which you'll need to do if you choose Parker Place; HK BBQM has a small dine in area).

              bonlee, good to hear that they are still putting out good plates at Il Giardino. It's been years since I went but I still remember their salmon carpaccio with great fondness. And if you're in the right bit of it, quite a romantic setting.

              For the OP, unless you're set on Kingyo, I'd suggest an izakaya crawl a bit further up Denman and onto Robson, since you've already been to Kingyo's little sis Suika. I particularly like Zakkushi and Guu with Garlic.

              Another idea is to hit a couple of places in Gastown which seems to be happening right now. I'm anxious to return to Notturno Paninoteca for their delightful sandwiches which are available till late along with a fine selection of Italian wines and even a couple of beers. There is also L'Abbatoir which is sceney inside and more relaxed in the atrium. Their appetizers can be stellar. There are many others, some more cocktail forward.

              I can't think of a single Greek restaurant in town that I would recommend, sadly. All my favourites have closed, alas. Was there something in particular that drew you to the Four Seasons buffet?

              1. re: grayelf

                Haven't done Greek since we no longer needed our daytime nanny a couple of years ago (who's Greek). I think last time was at Maria's (W. 4th) and it was alright. Before that we were at Panos (SE Marine Dr @ Fraser), and it was alright too. Other than that, I might recommend Acropol on W. Broadway @ Bayswater.

                I would not recommend Kalamata .... they've had much better days.

                Apollonia on Fir & 2nd I'm curious about .... haven't been since previous owners ran it (who later went on to open The Main on Main, then recently sold that too).

                At least within city proper, the Greek scene has been declining for awhile now, or so it seems.

                1. re: LotusRapper

                  I've heard positive reviews from Summer in Greece 2351 Burrard but driving by it just looks like another souvlaki joint.

                  1. re: Sam Salmon

                    I ate there once and have no memory whatsoever of what I ingested. That means it wasn't bad but it wasn't good. I do remember thinking the prices were a bit high but I noticed when I walked by yesterday that they are now inclusive of tax so that would help.

                  2. re: LotusRapper

                    I did takeout from Apollonia last summer and remember thinking I'd like to go back for a sit-in dinner. My takeout was calamari, which doesn't travel well, so it wasn't the best thing to judge by (still liked it, though).

                    Too bad about Kalamata. It's been on my list -- time to remove it?

                    1. re: queueueuq

                      Re: Kalamata ..... you'd have to give them a try to reach your own verdict. My verdict on them concluded after about the 4th consecutive time we ate at their current (new) location off of Yukon awhile back. If you were ever a patron at their old location (where the Canada Line station is now) and you walked in for the first time at their current digs, you'd think it's two completely different operations.

                      I think I need to spin off a new thread about the current Greek scene in Vancouver, since I missed Greek Days last weekend and been pining good cheap Greek food like we used to have in Vancouver.

                        1. re: moyenchow

                          Yes ...... thank you Moyenchow ! I was wondering about that event but had no idea who runs it or how to look for them. I only stumbled upon them once a few years ago on my work commute home (when I used to work in Burnaby) and brought home some amazing roast lamb for way too little $. Guess my long weekend just got added one extra thing-to-do :-D

                2. re: Sam Salmon

                  For me it's Anton's. Both Anton's and Stephos have their purpose but what gets me is they often get nominated for Golden Plates in Georgia Straight. That's my sign that our society is doomed.