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Jun 26, 2012 09:07 AM

Tallahasse Lunch - Driving 19 to Interstate 10 (Tampa to Mobile, AL)

Hey Chowhounds,

The family is driving cross country and our first day includes tampa,fl to mobile, al via US 19 and Interstate 10.

Looking for lunch recommendations near Tallahasse that is not more than a mile from those roads. Ideally would like a BBQ recommendation.

I did do a search on this item but what I found was dated from 2010 so looking for more current recommendations.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. I believe the only barbecue restaurant you'll find within a mile of I-10 is Sonny's. If you're willing to drive about 2.5 miles, you can get to Piggy's, which is my favorite barbecue in Tally. I'm kind of fond of their brisket.

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      I'd second Piggy's. It's an easy exit. #203. Turn left (south) and drive straight down Capital Circle NE past Centerville Road, over a small hill and you'll see it on your left. There's a left turn lane before you get to Miccosukee light but you can U turn at Miccosukee if you miss that. Sonny's is a right turn at the same exit, then a left at the light and cross over Thomasville Road, it'll be on your right past Bof A. But if you continue on a half block to the next light and make a left you'll see Old Town Cafe, a diner type place with good lunches and behind that in the Market Square Center is Tally's with excellent hamburgers and other sandwiches.

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        We tried the Sonny's in Tallahassee and were not impressed. Thought the one in Marianna was decidedly better.

        If all else fails, there's the Publix sub option.