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Jun 26, 2012 09:07 AM

Mexican Restaurant with music for party of 40

Hi. There is a secretary in Orlando over on Trip Advisor today that has been asked to find a downtown Austin restaurant for 40 business men that has mexican food and music. They want to go Wed., July 11th.

I can't think of anything on a week night that would have music.

Also, I'm sure it would be nice to find something with a room/area that would hold 40 men.

Obviously, if there is no Wed music option within the restaurant, they would have to move to a bar on 6th. Any ideas on that venue for 40 men? Tks

Any suggestions?

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  1. Well, my favorite place is Pappasito's Cantina and they host weddings so I'm sure that they can accommodate a party of 40. Not sure about Wednesday night music though.

    1. Jovita's has live music along with several other pretty special menu items you shouldn't find anywhere else.

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      1. Opps!! I forgot to say it has to be downtown. That's where their hotel is and they want to walk to the venue, get plastered (maybe) and walk back to hotel.

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          that will be hard to do, but I think Garrido's will close for a private party. It doesn't have music but it can probably be arranged.