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Jun 26, 2012 07:44 AM

Hannousuke Tempura Bowl Mitsuwa Mar Vista

Went to Hannousuke just now opened in the food court at the Mitsuwa Marketplace Mar Vista and had a wonderful meal. Only two choices on their menu of Japanese rice bowls topped with assorted tempura, egg, and sauce. For $8.95 you can get white fish filet, two shrimp, one shishito pepper, a square of nori (seaweed), and a piece of kakiage (mixed tempura) made from tiny shrimp and scallops. The only other choice is their $12.95 Edomae Tendon with for a whole salt water eel. Generous portions. That soft runny egg yoke really puts this dish over the top. My son and I tried both and It's really good. Cash only.

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  1. My wife loves shrimp tempura and I'm sure she will give this place a try out the next time I have to have my Santouka ramen fix. One minor quibble...I think you've got an extra u in the name of the place. I think it's Hannosuke (AFAIK).

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