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Good Iced Coffee - Between Penn Station and Union Square

On days like today, i like to walk from Penn to my office near Union Square. The walk would be much better with a really good iced coffee. Where's best place to stop at halfway point? Say near Madison Square Park. I tried Eataly - blech - way too watery. Need it to be actual iced coffee, not iced coffee water like too many places serve. As a benchmark, I like the Mud Truck and Orens is ok as well. No DD or Starbucks of course.

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  1. Stumptown coffee in the Ace hotel makes a very good (albeit expensive) cold brew iced coffee.

      1. Stumptown's is great but the last time I was there, they were completely out.

        You could also try the Van Leeuwen truck.

        1. I like an assertive roast for iced coffee, and much prefer Ninth Street Espresso in the Chelsea Market to Grumpy, and to Stumptown, for that matter.

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          1. cafe grumpy is expensive but excellent.

            i dont like stumptown...it tastes kind of funky and of course you have to deal with people who like stumptown coffee.

            gregory's coffee is on 39th and 7th but surprisingly has good iced coffee.

            city bakery on 18th has decent iced coffee...very caffeinated if i recall.

            grey dog cafe in chelsea (16th street if i recall) has excellent iced coffee.

            there's also a blue bottle at the milk studios on 15th. their new orleans iced coffee is excellent.

            1. Try the Joe Pro Shop on W 21st between 6th & 7th. They have a rotating selection of coffee roasters. Plus, it's pretty much right between your two points. If you want something top notch but firmly in the upper right hand corner of your coordinates, check out Culture Espresso on 38th just east of 6th Ave.

              1. Thanks everyone. I did try Stumptown this morning to check the cold brewed hype. It is good, but not $4 a small cup good.

                I also tried The Bean on 12th/Bwy - pretty good but at very end of the walk.

                Kathryn - where is van leewun in the a.m.? i know they're near union square in evening.

                Peter - Joe Pro is next up tomorrow

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                  Well now that you mentioned bean, check out Joe, Art of Coffee on 13th between university and 5th, and Think(I dont really like them, but you might) on 4th Ave between 13th and 12th.

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                    >Kathryn - where is van leewun in the a.m.?
                    >i know they're near union square in evening.


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                      If you follow their Twitter, they always broadcast the truck locations. Not too ridiculously far from Union Square is their brick & mortar location on E 7th St off 2nd Ave.

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                      I think you're better off going to Joe's instead of Joe's Pro.

                      The only difference is at the Pro they have some outside roaster beans, which is interesting, but oddly enough, the execution is lacking, and they're obviously not familiar on how to get the best results with the other beans. Pricing is higher too. All the regular Joe's locations are now offering a choice of their house blend iced which is cold brewed, or an iced Single Source of the day.

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                        Just to add, some of the worst coffee I've had in the city recently has been from Joe's pro.
                        EVen their iced Americano tasted like bad caffeinated tea.

                    3. Financier makes amazing iced coffee. I drink it black its so good. There are multiple locations throughout Manhattan, but the one that suits your requirement is at 688 Sixth Avenue (22nd st).

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                        Had Financier this morning - i was running late so hit the one by my office (Astor Place). Agree it's very good....and works for on the way as well!

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                          I kinda enjoy Financier's drip coffee and espresso, but I really dislike their iced coffee.

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                            BTnH - 1st time was good - next time was lousy. Not sure it's worth going back to break the tie.

                      2. I agree that Stumptown is good but expensive. Though I think a lot of other places offering cold brews are just as pricey. My favorite is Culture Espresso (which someone else already mentioned) but that is slightly out of your way. I also really like Blue Bottle (also out of your way near Chelsea Market) and Joe the Art of Coffee (at the end of your walk near Union Square).

                        Another option is Birch Coffee on 27th between 5th and Madison. I had it once and thought it was decent.

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                          Joe Pro Shop is related to Joe the Art of Coffee.

                          1. I dunno, I like Starbucks Iced coffee-- does that rule me out of the coffee discussion? They make it double strength, nice and strong, and this way the ice won't make it weak.

                            I've seen indy coffee places put hot coffee over ice...

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                              Starbucks is ok in a pinch - a bit on burnt side. And i only pass about 273 on my walk. I prefer to patronize the indy when i can. Contrary to your statement, I think most have their act together for a standard iced coffee