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Jun 26, 2012 05:58 AM

Neon Carrot Closes

Local chef Maegen Loring has joined Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa in Shell Beach as its pastry and events chef — a move that will help the resort expand its off-site catering business and give her more time in the kitchen, which she loves. They have closed the Neon Carrot on So. Higuera.

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  1. Sorry I missed trying this place - loved the reviews it got. But it also now sounds like there is one more new addition of talent and choices in the surprising Pismo Beach area.

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      The Carrot restaurant has been closed for some months now. Maegen has been doing only catering. She has had time to cook for her dad who is living with her (and loves his chow), do some home remodeling, and do a series of cooking demonstrations in conjuction with Idler's Home Appliance store in SLO in their great demo kitchen.

      She will be the pastry and catering chef so it saddens me that most of us won't taste her cooking anymore. I'll miss the casual but fantastic array of wonderful dishes-- for $15 - $20 you could dine very well indeed. RIP Hearst Ranch Burger...

      Best wishes to Maegen and Jeff and her family. Great food, good times were had by all.