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Jun 26, 2012 05:13 AM

Sunshine Deli reborn in White Plains?

Was driving home a couple of days ago and noticed what I thought may be the reincarnation of Sunshine Deli, which used to be on Lake Street, on South Lexington Avenue near the corner of E Post Road, near White Plains Hospital. The window signage looked familiar and it said La Picara - which was Sunshine's other name.

Anyone know the deal, or been there yet? It'd be great if it's reopened - they had some of the best Mexican eats in WP. Top notch quesadillas and huaraches.

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  1. I wondered the very same thing and tried their tacos al pastor, my favorite Sunshine item. It was good. Not "quite" the same as original Sunshine, but decent enough where I may have to go back and try them again to see. If I correctly understood her limited English, the lady said they were from Lake Street, but I didn't recognize any of the faces at the new location. I still dream about how good the old Sunshine was, so I might make another trip soon in the hopes that this location really is Sunshine resurrected.

    1. never tried them while they were on lake street, but went today to the location on main- Wasn't very hungry so i only tried two tacos- the carnitas was fairly average,but the al pastor was exceptional and the squirt bottle of red sauce added just the right amount of flavor and kick

      1. Thanks for the alert guys!!!

        I used to hit the old Lake location all the time. It was an entirely female kitchen/counter staff. Now at the much smaller Main St location, it's two males in the kitchen. The tacos I got were pretty good. Add some chipotle sauce and tomotillo sauce, squirt of lime and I'm happy.