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Jun 26, 2012 04:58 AM

Frozen Shrimp--Dinner Inspiration Needed

I am gently thawing a bag of large(ish),raw (zipperback) Pacific White Shrimp (31-40 per lb.) in the fridge overnight. Originally,I had every intention of heading to the store to pick up ingredients for a BBQ. But bad weather has intervened and BBQ is no longer appealing-very rainy, stormy and chilly here.

So what to do with these? The shells are still on (though I am assuming that zipper-back means easy removal?).

My pantry is well-stocked so fire ahead with the inspiration!

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  1. gumbo! it'll be perfect for your stormy weather. make it with the shrimp and some andouille sausage. http://sweetpeaskitchen.com/2011/03/0...

    1. This is one of mr favorite recipes for shrimp. Great even if you don't have an avocado on hand. http://m.epicurious.com/recipes/food/...

        1. Slightly OT... on thawing frozen shrimp... and other smallish things. I have one of those vac sealer thingies... picked it up at a yard sale for $10 a few years ago. When shrimp or other favorites are on sale, I'll sotck up a bit. Then I vac seal in 1-2 serving portions and freeze. Half pound of shrimp will thaw nicely in a container of room temp water in probably no mor than 25-30 minutes. Method works well for anything of about that size... how places like Omaha Steaks recommend.

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            I dump IQF shrimp into a brine flavored with wine, salt, lemon, bay leaves, garlic to thaw. Depending on dinner plans, I may then heat the thawed shrimp and brine gently until the shrimp are cooked.

          2. Thanks all SO much! I am going to go with the Chili Lime Recipe this time, because I do have the ingredients without braving the storm (which just got a LOT worse-power seems to be iffy!)

            But I am noting others, as both the Gumbo and the Ina Garten Mango thingy sound very interesting and we want to use more fish and seafood in our diet.

            I will keep the portioning/vacuum thawing idea in mind for future planning-as it is, we will be eating a LOT of shrimp, tonight!!!!

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              Great! Let us know how it turns out.

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                The chili lime could be great as shrimp tacos if you have any tortillas laying around.

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                  Why, yes, I do: great riff on the original notion!

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                  I often make chili-lime shrimp with polenta on the side. I don't know why I like the combo so much, but I think it's worth trying!

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                    Almost like a shrimp and grits? I feel like fresh corn stirred into the polenta with some jalapenos could really bring it all home. Good call!

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                      I was thinking along the same lines....top corn cakes with chili-lime shrimp, or shrimp with sriracha, lime & mayo in lieu of the lobster salad in the corn cake recipe from the WSJ recently: