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Jun 26, 2012 04:46 AM

pasta Bolognese - Hazan or Batali?

I was looking to make a pasta Bolognese for the Canada Day weekend. I compared the recipes of both Batali and Hazan. Batali uses veal and pork in addition to ground beef. Hazan uses only beef. Have made both in the past but can't recall which I prefer. Thoughts?

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  1. I would go with Batali.

    1. Veal/pork/beef/pancetta is EXCELLENT in Bolognese, so I'll vote for Batali, though I didn't use his recipe when I made it.

      1. I made both side-by-side last fall to see which one I preferred. DH and I both liked the Batali recipe better, specifically the one at this link: The Hazan recipe has a much higher proportion of tomato and wine to meat, which naturally gave the sauce a much brighter, more acidic flavor than the Batali version. It was delicious, but not precisely what I wanted from Bolognese, which to me should be all about the unctuous flavor of meat. However, if I were going to make lasagne Bolognese (with bechamel, etc.), I might consider the Hazan recipe as the acidity would probably cut through the richness of the cream sauce better (when I did my side-by-side comparison we ate both sauces with tagliatelle). It just depends on the flavor profile you want.

        1. Even though I wouldn't like the Batali recipe because of the use of pork, and would prefer the Hazan recipe to it, but for some reason, I don't know why either, I don't prefer milk in bolognese.

          There is another fabulous recipe which has made Bolognese a recipe for me to finally enjoy and that is Anne Burrell's recipe (previous sous chef to Batali). I've touted this recipe ad nauseam. Next time give it a try in the mix, if you please.

          1. The Batali one definitely has a different flavour profile than "red meat sauce" IYKWIM. My in-laws, not foodies, asked me what it was called - they loved it, though :) It's very rich and a little goes a long way. The sauce richly coats the pasta rather than sitting on top (the way my Dad's much beloved meat sauce did ;) )
            I think I skipped the veal though...