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Jun 26, 2012 01:11 AM

Breakfast in Ambler

My uncle wants to find a new breakfast place in Ambler. The only options he has found are McDonald's (not really an option for him) and the Sweet Briar Cafe (formerly coneheads) He lives in Ambler Manor and walks everywhere so it needs to be close. Sweet Briar is pushing it.
Is there any place he has overlooked?

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  1. Toto's is right across the street from Ambler Manor. While I do not think they serve full out breakat, they do have coffee and biscotti and a nice porch. A few blocks down is Cafe Madia. They serve the same cafe type food as Toto's but they also have breakfast sandwiches.

    A few blocks down from Maida is Zinas Kitchen, it is a bit of a further walk but they have my favorite breakfast. French toast on homemade bread, really good home fries and omelettes. They also serve crepes which are so good. I am glad you mentioned Sweet Briar Cafe, we tried tem over the weekend and had some great breakfast sandwiches. I was peeking at what others ordered and their pancakes look fantastic too. I need to investigate more because they might be vying with Zinas for the top breakfast spot!

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      Thanks AmblerGirl, I will pass this great info on to him!

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        Ambler desperately needs a good breakfast spot. We tried Zina's, the establishment formally known as Coneheads.....nice folks, fair prices but both are average breakfasts at best. We drive to Fairlanes', West end grill, or Zake's for a great (2 out of 3 pricy) breakfast. Not helpful for your Dad, I know. Just venting. We're hoping Sweet briar cafe will be the answer to our syrup soaked prayers.

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          I wish Ambler had a place like The Souderton. Basic solid breakfast and lunch place only open til 2pm mon-sat. Right next to the train tracks in souderton.
          When John and I went I got a belgium waffle, oatmeal, and corned beef hash. John got a scrap wrap. We shared and the scrap wrap was tasty and inexpensive. Well, the whole menu was reasonably priced.

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      1. I just wanted to give a shout out for Zinas - I finally made it over there this Saturday with my best friend. Delicious, nicely filled omelets, and great home fries! we were very satisfied and the bill was only $20!