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Jun 25, 2012 08:26 PM

Indian food in Ottawa

I'll be at the Main Market in Old Ottawa East this Sat., any recommendations for a great Indian restaurant nearby?

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  1. If you mean the farmers market on Main street there are no Indian restaurants near by. The only restaurant near by is a great vegetarian restaurant called the Green Door and it is right across the street from the market. Also, there are vendors selling different kinds of food at the market.

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    1. re: Deborah

      Thanks Deborah. I am actually a vendor there myself (Sam's Kitchen), but my hubby and I were hoping to go on a date afterward. Can you recommend anywhere (out of that neighborhood) in Ottawa with great Indian food? We live halfway between Ottawa and Mtl. and usually do Indian in Mtl., but I'd love to have an Ottawa option as well. (there is a couple who serve hot Indian food at the market, but I'm looking for more variety and it will be the end of the day) Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

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        I've had some tasty Sri Lankan at Ceylanta. It's not very fancy (not sure what type of date night you're after).

    2. Aahar on Churchill/corner of Carling
      Mia - (newly opened) on Wellington/corner of Woodroffee - I've not been but it's gotten some good reviews (but with some growing pains)
      Coconut Lagoon - St. Laurent Blvd - South Indian - very good.

      1. I'll second the vote for Ceylonta as an interesting and tasty alternative to typical Indian restaurant fare.

        Haveli (in the Byward Market area) has good food and is a bit fancier than most.

        The Light of India on Bank St. is not too far from where you'll be and is not bad if you order from the menu (the buffet is dreadful). Also on Bank, a bit further south, is Taj Mahal. I used to really like it there but stopped going years ago because the menu never changes. As a vegetarian, I had eaten the 3 or 4 options on the menu many times and just got bored.

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        1. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Rangoli Indian Cuisine and Sweets. They are located in Orleans on St. Joseph Blvd. just east of Jeanne d'Arc. The naan here is the best in the city, and the food is without question the best Indian I have tasted in Ottawa. My second favourite is Coconut Lagoon (St. Laurent just north of McArthur) for the lunch buffet.