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Jun 25, 2012 08:15 PM

how do YOU cook bacon?!?

I know HOW myself, but wondering if you have a special technique?? I don't cook a lot of bacon & agree it can be a bit messy. Today, decided to make a wilted spinach salad with hot bacon dressing. Had maybe 1/4 lb of bacon in fridge. I layed it out in big non-stick skillet, set it on LOW and ... just walked away. Turned it over once and pretty much just let it go on a VERY low sizzle... coulda been 30-45 minutes. Pretty much NO spatters & result was crispy pieces ready to crumble. Thinking a big old cast iron skillet would thing it was at a SPA to enjoy all that bacon grease for 45 minutes.

Thinking the mess comes from rendering the fat. Once it's pretty much liquid... not much spattering at all.

Have baked it in overn... rack on baking sheet. Another method that needed little attention. And sprinled with raw or brown sugar... bacon CANDY.

Have cooked it in microwave, between layers of paper towels.

And HOW do you like it cooked? Neice & I agree that we don't like it "bendy". We like it just this side of crumbly/crispy.

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  1. I prefer oven-baking but NOT on a rack. It stays flatter and renders more evenly and thoroughly when laid directly onto the sheet pan. 375, check at 15 min. Timing depends on thickness and type of cure, those with sweet ingredients being more prone to over-browning sooner. When close to done, I shut off the oven and let the pan stay there until the rashers look right. I pour off and save the fat for cooking. Microwaving renders well, too, but the bacon will be more leathery than crispy. And the fat does not develop the browned flavors of heat-rendered bacon fat (to collect it, instead of paper towels just lay a piece of parchment loosely atop the bacon before nuking it. That prevents spattering.

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    1. I cook it in the oven. I just place it on a rimmed baking sheet. Perfect, crisp, melt in your mouth bliss!

      The only time I cook it in a skillet is if I'm camping.

      1. COLD oven, bacon on a lined sheetpan. Turn oven on to 425, perfect bacon in about 17 minutes,

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          I do the same thing, but 400 instead and it takes about 20 minutes. ;) Oh, and I don't line my sheet pan, I use a stoneware "bar pan" instead.

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            Yeah lining the dish isnt really necessary, but it makes cleanup a ton easier when you can just roll up all the grease in the foil and throw it away without ever getting the sheet pan dirty!

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            must have followed the same recipe. Works like a charm

          3. I like my bacon crispy without any drippings plus easy clean-up. So I prefer microwaving in between paper towels.

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              I'm with you self. Unless I'm doing a lot of bacon--in which case I use a large SS pan--I go for the microwave which gets it nice and crispy with easy clean-up.

            2. I'm a fan of oven, on a rack, except this time of year when you don't want the oven on.

              I alternate between just past bendy and crisp enough to be cracklins.