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Jun 25, 2012 08:04 PM

Toronto Organic Delivery Service?

Anyone have any thoughts about which organic delivery service to go with? The previous thread is starting to get dated. I live in North York and am looking for a service that will deliver to a condo.

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  1. I have been using this one for the last couple months. I love it and they are great. The are very helpful and deliver to condos. I live in a condo and prior to the first delivery the driver called me to set up how I wanted my box delivered to my building.

    1. There's also Mama Earth ( Just got their flyer this week.

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        We've been using Front Door Organics for the past few years. Affordable, prompt, no problems.

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          I second Mama Earth. I've been using them for about two years now and no issues with delivering to an apartment building in North York. They offer a great selection of fresh organic produce that you can mix and match once you select your box size. The few instances I have been unsatisfied with quality, I emailed them, got a prompt response and was offered a credit and/or additional goodies for next week's box.

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          1. I just started with a new company, Organics Live, and really like them. They deliver to condos and I find the boxes are quite large and varied each week. You can also indicate up to three items you do not want to receive, which is helpful when you live with a picky eater :)


            1. Also one for Mama Earth. Started this winter with them and am really happy with the ease of ordering, modifying an order, selection and of course the quality of their produce.
              Also you can order a ton of stuff non produce including farm fresh eggs which I'm loving.