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Jun 25, 2012 08:04 PM

Shellfish Free

My son has a severe shellfish allergy and I need some restaurant choices in the Buckhead area. My kids are 10 & 8 and we like casual and loud. We are from out of town and would prefer local eats.

Any favorites that may be shellfish free?

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  1. By free do you mean they don't serve shellfish at all Thats tough one. You'd have to call them and ask. The only fun place I can think of is the varsity on north check on yelp.com for places need you and then call. I guess you could look for a vegan place

    1. A good friend of ours has a shellfish allergy that's bad enough that she carries an Epipen all the time (I've had dibs on sticking her with it, if it ever came to that, for years).

      We haven't really had places she couldn't go and just order well to avoid the shellfish. The only one that comes to mind was a rehearsal dinner at Pung Mie where every dish had shrimp/crab/something in it. Even then she just ordered off the menu.

      I say that not knowing how bad your son's situation is. Places I like in Buckhead that might appeal are Eclipse di Luna (definitely loud, look for local coupon deals, there may still be some) and Farm Burger (casual, great burgers and sides). Eclipse does have some shrimp dishes, but they have a lot of tapas that don't. Grindhouse is a burger alternative that's maybe a little more fun for the kids (kung fu, old school cartoons on the big screen).

      Hope that helps.