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Jun 25, 2012 07:32 PM

Dayton - Blue Nile Ethiopian

They apparently just opened on North Main somewhere...

Anybody know anything about it, been there??? website? anything at all?

been missing eritrean and ethiopian since leaving SF and am very excited about the prospect of a place to go eat!

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  1. I haven't heard anything at all about this, which doesn't mean much, admittedly. I think every Ethiopian restaurant in the country uses the name Blue Nile. There is one in Columbus, maybe they're related but their website makes no mention of this. And DDN restaurant writer Mark Fisher has not mentioned it, although he's only as good as his sources.
    This would be a nice addition. The Ethiopian booth at World A'Fair is one of my go-to stops for food at that event.

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      I think this is the place that openned next to my barber shop (Shiloh Barbers) at 5415 N. Main St. in Harrison Twp. It's about 500 ft. south from where the Shuckin' Shack was located. I didn't notice the name, but it was an Ethiopian restaurant and how many could there be on N. Main St.? I haven't eaten there and have never had Ethipoian food before. If I get a chance to tyr it I'll let you know.

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        Good news on the location. Must be it... I was told at the Ethiopian booth at World A'Fair that someone was going to open one soon... and that there were no others in the Miami Valley... so I'd say we are a 'go'! Yea! Thanks..

    2. Anyone know any more about this? I tried to check it out a couple of weeks ago and it was closed, despite it being during their posted hours. They may have just been running late, there was no notice of anything else. The store front says it's a gift shop.

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        Answering my own query. The're open, but I did not get a chance to go in and try it. Will do that soon.