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Jun 25, 2012 07:02 PM

Dallas to Vicksburg lunch options

Driving from Dallas to Vicksburg, MS and looking to stop for lunch somewhere. Hoping for something other than the usual chains. Any ideas? Won't want to go too far off the beaten track, but surely there's something yummy and local along the way...seems like Louisiana ought to offer some good possibilities. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Near Kilgore, TX take Exit 583 off I 20 S on Hwy. 135 to Hwy. 31 which is several miles S of I 20. Take a right and go a few miles to Farm to Market # 2767 and take a right to Country Tavern BBQ.
    Country Tavern @ TX 31 and Farm 2767, Kilgore, TX. 903 - 984 - 9954.
    Get off I 20 at Exit 562 at Tyler, TX and go S to Stanley's BBQ.
    Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ @ 525 S. Beckham Ave., Tyler, TX. 903 - 593 - 0311.
    Get off I 20 at Exit 599 at Longview, TX and go N on Highway 281 to Dudley's Cajun Cafe for fine southern soul comfort food. Bodacious and Carter's have outstanding BBQ.
    Dudley's Cajun Cafe @ 301 W Loop 281, Longview, TX 903 - 663 - 6699.
    Bodacious BBQ @ 2227 S Mobberly Ave, Longview, TX‎ 903 - 753 - 8409.
    Carter's BBQ @ 519 S. Eastman Rd., Longview, TX. 903 - 236 - 3271.
    Get off I 20 at Exit 617 at Marshall, TX and go N on Highway 59 to E Travis Street. Take a left and go to P and J for good home cooked comfort food. Varsity Diner is also a good road foot joint. If you want BBQ go to BBQ Express.
    P & J @ 506 East Travis Street, Marshall, TX 903 - 927 - 2553.
    Varsity Diner @ 5902 SE End Blvd., Marshall, TX 903 - 935 - 2227.
    BBQ Express @ 801 Elmore Street, Marshall, TX 903 - 923 - 8705.
    In Shreveport, LA get off I 20 at Exit 8 on Hwy. 526 which is W Bert Koun's Loop and go S a to second street which is W 70th St. take a right and go about a mile to Jan's River Restaurant for good seafood and good road food.
    Jan's River Restaurant @ 7675 West. 70th St., Shreveport, LA 318 - 938 - 5026.
    In Shreveport, LA get off I 20 at Exit 10 and go S on Pines Rd. to Westport Shopping Center and Becca's Steak and Seafood for outstanding cajun road food for lunch and dinner.
    Becca's Steak and Seafood @ 6715 Pines Rd., Shreveport, LA 318 - 686 - 2811.

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        Littleman--Do you have any lunch (good local hole in the wall)suggestions for the eastern/central Louisiana part of this trek

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          From where to where. Where's the part of this trek you want to learn more about.

      2. It may be past lunch time by the time you get to the Monroe, Louisiana area...but if you make it that far before eating, try Restaurant Cotton...the food is really good and i love the atmosphere.

        1. I vote for the Country Tavern. Other than some ribs I have cooked they have the best BBQ ribs going.
          We have stopped there several times on the way from Jackson, MS to the Dallas Fort Worth area.